Switch to control an outlet

Can anyone recommend a switch to control an outlet? Right now we have a standard dumb switch controlling the top portion of an outlet. The bottom outlet is always hot. Going into the switch box I have a hot, neutral, and ground. Going out of the box I have a red, hot, neutral, and ground. There are other outlets connected after the one I want to control.

The room has no overhead light, and the switch is far away from the bed so we would like to control it from bed if possible. Maybe the better solution is to use a z-wave outlet instead of the switch?

We tried a 45637 GE switch from Lowes (http://www.lowes.com/pd_339577-1353-45637_0__?Ntt=ge+45637&UserSearch=ge+45637&productId=3707736&rpp=32) however it was not able to control as we wanted. Thanks for the help!

Would you mind expanding on this? I have 4 of these switches and they seem to be working fine with ST.


Once the switch was hooked up, if you attempted to turn it off, it would turn off for 1/2 second, then turn immediately back on. I had it wired with the neutral, line and load both connected to the load portion (since we wanted the bottom outlet to be powered all of the time), and the red to the line.

The outlet that we were trying to control was the same with two blacks on the bottom, and red on top. The tab connecting the two is broken away to allow separate control of the top/bottom outlet.

All of the smart outlets I have deployed work with ST and they are split, one switches and one does not. The only issue I see is you would need to use your phone to turn the lamp off and on.

I have this same switch and setup and mine works fine. I would doublecheck your wiring to ensure you have both black wires going into the two holes for “line” and the red going into one of the holes for “load”. Of course you will also need the neutral hooked up as well.

If this is correct and it still isn’t working, I would suggest returning the switch to Lowe’s and get another one because this should work assuming the wiring is setup correctly. The switch should work as a normal switch, but also allow you to control is via ST as well.

This past weekend I setup one of these so that I could double-tap the off portion to turn off all my lights downstairs, lock my door if unlocked, and close my garage if open from a switch in my bedroom when I am going to bed.

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I agree with @ritchierich. First check your wiring. I remember vaguely that I had a similar issue with the first switch I installed. In fact, I took a photo of the switch so that I had documentation of how I did it.

My list switch I installed I had to reverse the Load and Hot lines to get the switch to even turn on (blue light).