Switch synchronization?


can i join 2 or three zigbee switches to work as 1: anyone I turn on - all turn on, anyone (not necessarily the same) i turn off - all turn off?
in making scene I found only one way - switch a turns on or off switch b, but switch b has no effect on a


You can certainly write Automations to do this, but you can’t work directly with groups. And you can either have them turn on together, turn off together or “mirror“ each other so that you only need one automation per trigger. But you have to have one automation for each trigger switch.

So when A turns on or off, have B and C perform the same action.
When B turns on or off, have A and C perform the same action.
When C turns on or off, have A and B perform the same action.

Alternatively, you can use a scene, but you will need two scenes: one for all on and one for all off.

When A or B or C turns on, activate the all on scene.
When A or B or C turns off, activate the all off scene.

Obviously neither of these is very elegant, but they will work.

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the I figured that out
and it works but I had to write a lot of automatisations

it would be great to have an option to put switches just in group in witch they will work as one


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I have it done with 2 automations for each group of switches that I want to synchronize and work well.

You have to use in the IF part “When some condition is met”:
“IF” A = on OR B = on OR C = on “THEN” A = on + B = on + C = on
“IF” A = off OR B = off OR C = off “THEN” A = off + B = off + C = off

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