Switch Suggestions?

Hello, I just recently moved into a new house and I have a few of the switches like the one picture below. Does anyone know of a smart switch to replace something like this or will I need to do it at the outlet, bulb, device level since it controls three different things?

Take that plate off and you’ll see it’s 3 individual switches.

Your standard switches will fit and replace each of those.


One of those switches controls a fan that is probably 10 years old and has a remote like the one below. Is there anyway to get that remote’s functionality into ST? I am doubtful because of the age.

Does the switch control a light and the fan or just the fan? There is a fan speed controller switch available by GE (12730) that you can use at the wall for a speed controller as well as integrate into ST.

It controls both the light and the fan.

Things get a little more complicated then. Check out this thread