Switch off lights after xx amount time? - armed/disarmed modes

Is there an easy way within the security modes, armed away and armed stay etc to switch off lights after xx amount of time, similar to being able to do it within smart lighting app?
Right now I have all my lights switch on in armed away mode but most times this is a false alert and having to go in and switch off all lights within the app is a pain.

I know webcore will be able to do this but I can’t believe this isn’t an option when setting up ‘alerts with lights’


Create a scene or routine that switches them off. At least that way it is one thing to press.

Yeah that’s an option I suppose. But strange why there isn’t an option within the app when your setting your security states up to have the option to switch lights off after xxx amount of time.

Have your security alert turn on a virtual timer instead of the individual lights and apply power allowance to the virtual timer.

There’s a how to article in the community – created wiki on setting up a virtual timer that explains how to create one.


Thanks man. I’ll check that out.

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