Switch Handler NOT populated for Universal DTH

I’m using maxwell’s universal DTH from MikeMaxwell/dth/blob/master/devicetypes/mikemaxwell/udth.src/udth.groovy, which I absolutely love (and will donate).

However, I’m having one problem. I can use the Smartthings Android App and enable / disable the switch, but the switch is NOT showing as one of the current states in the IDE. I see “motion” and “presence” in the IDE but NOT switch, while I see "motion, “presence” and “switch” in the Android Smartthings app.

. Also, when I look at the event logs for the device in the IDE, I never see switch events, only motion and presence.

I see in the reading that this could be an issue with the “switch” functionality NOT implemented in the handler. However, it looks right to me and I don’t see anyone else having this issue with the device handler.

I have enabled the "Switch (on, off), Motion, and Presence in the Smartthings Device UI, and I can see in the UI these three elements are enabled. (Since I’m a new user, I can only upload one screen shot). However, in the IDE, the “switch” is NOT a “current state”.

This is important to me, since the device will NOT properly integrate into ActionTiles without consistency between the UI and IDE.

You will get the quickest answer if you ask in the author thread for the custom code that you are using. The author will automatically be notified when a new post appears, and other people using the same code may also be able to help.

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