Switch + dimmer in a single device

Hello everybody. I have some wemo light switches in my home integrated with Smartthings. Now I’m planning to add some Aeon Labs DSC27103-ZWUS dimmers to work with wemo switches (I think it is possible). My question is. Does anybody know if there is a Device Handler that allows to put together both devices (Wemo + dimmer) as a single one.


I’m confused about what it is that you’re trying to do here. It sounds like you’re saying that you want to install the Aeon dimmers in conjunction with your Wemo switches. but I don’t see what the point of doing that would be. The Aeon dimmer gives you on/off functionality as well as dimming, so why not just replace your Wemo switches with conventional ones and then use the Wemos elsewhere?

All my house use Wemo Light Switches (23 devices) and I would like to add dimmer to 2 or 3 of those. I don’t want to replace the wemo devices because my wife uses the wemo app to control all lights in the house. I would like to keep all my lights in the wemo app.

My other option is buy dimmable zwave bulbs like GE Link. The problem is that GE Link bulbs are not cool white and I don’t like warm light.

I found the solution. This Dim with me app + virtual dimmer DH did the trick, as shown in this thread.

I have 6 of the Daylight version of the GE Link bulbs. Flawless performance.


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Ditto. Others here indicate that they have experienced issues with losing connections from time-to-time, but in over a year I’ve not had that issue even once.

Great, I was not able to find these GE Bulbs, now I’m ordering 6 :).


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