Switch always on for a Ring floodlight cam

So I have Leviton z wave switches installed in the house. Tonight I decided to install a Ring Floodlight camera in the back yard replacing the regular floodlights that were there. Since I want this to always be on, I tried making a rule in the lights automation. The rule is that if that switch is turned off, it turns back on, essentially guaranteeing that any guests who may accidentally turn it off will be corrected by automation. The problem is that if I physically turn the switch off, it does not come back on. It only comes back on if I turn the switch off in the app. Since I am the only one controlling the app, this is not fixing the problem that I want. Any thoughts on how to set this up?

So I have a new discovery. The switch for the floodlight is a two way. I forgot about that. The actual zwave switch is in the master bedroom. The slave switch is by the doorwall. The slave switch if turned off stays off. The master bedroom switch turns right back on again as it should. So now I am confused on what to do. I do not think that I can swap the switches due to the power requirement at the bedroom junction box.