Switch Activates Home Phrase, only use "on"

I’ve got Google Home and I have it setup to trigger a momentary button tile, that has the Switch Activates Home Phrase smart app, that triggers a routine to open (and a second identical setup to close) my garage door. “Ok google, close the garage door”, garage door closes, works as I intend.

However, there is one little annoying thing about it. The Switch Activates Home Phrase requires you to apply something to the “on” and the “off” so I set both of them to the routine and since its a momentary switch, every time I call it, it triggers the on and immediately after the off resulting in the event logging two events.

Is there a “better” way to do this, a way to only fire it once?

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I do something similar to this with CoRE. I have created a routine and have CoRE run when the routine is executed to change something. By doing that I don’t have to worry about the status of an on/off switch.

The routine itself is empty.

Google Home Helper will allow you to do this and only designate the on or off of a switch. The app is currently in beta but may be released as soon as next Friday…you can read about it here: