SwannOne Sensors - Device Handler request

Continuing the discussion from SwannOne Sensors:

As the thread linked above is located in the UK specific topic I’m continuing the discussion here in the hope that someone can help with writing a device handler. SwannOne have brought out a range of Zigbee HA1.2 devices; open/close sensor, keyfob, motion/temp sensor and a few sirens. I managed to pair a motion sensor for a short while but it stopped sending events to the hub and I haven’t been able to get the same behaviour since.

Can anyone take a look at the logs I’ve provided above and see if it is actually possible to write a device handler? Any help or assistance would be much appreciated.


Giving this a bump. I’ve managed to get additional logs using another device type designed to get clusters, hopefully someone takes a look, it’s all Greek to me…

Possible solutions: request @ line 34
ce14d310-5caf-4bd3-b161-b2cad51bf89c 10:34:36 PM: debug enroll response: [raw 0x500 {01 23 00 00 00}, delay 200, send 0xE57A 0x08 1]
ce14d310-5caf-4bd3-b161-b2cad51bf89c 10:34:36 PM: debug Sending enroll response
ce14d310-5caf-4bd3-b161-b2cad51bf89c 10:34:36 PM: debug parse description: enroll request endpoint 0x01 : data 0x000D
ce14d310-5caf-4bd3-b161-b2cad51bf89c 10:27:22 PM: error groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: result for class: script145639964208059824546

I gave up on the keyfob and returned it: