Swann wireless siren

Thanks for the add.
I have a DVA460 cctv/alarm system. It has a siren but I don’t know if it is an outside or internal one (although there is no reference in the pitiful instructions).
On arming the system, the siren makes an audible sound outside ( as i have mounted it outside) the house, which is not ideal if it is set or disarmed early or late.
Is there a way of stopping this or do I need a " outside siren" as sold by Maplin. Or does this siren have the same audible signal

Hi @Quinner, I’m not sure you posted your question in the right forum/community. This is for the Samsung SmartThings hub, and the devices that work with it.

Did you intend to post your question here? Was it a SmartThings add you’re referring to?

You are right , my apologies

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Nothing to apologize for, just making sure we can help if we can.