[Survey] SmartSense Arrival Sensor Experience

Speaking of which, we really need a Car Powered arrival sensor that aggressively sends updates to the hub when the vehicle is in motion, can be triggered by acceleration sensor tech ala multi sensor, etc.


@JH1 it’s called Automatic and is waiting approval from ST, as far as I know…


Que? this concept exists?

I’ve had a piston to open garage door when engine starts. Also close garage door when engine stops. Unfortunately was via IFTTT and wasn’t as fast. Automatic also has hard stop and hard acceleration alerts.

@SBDOBRESCU i think we have your ticket on hand, but to confirm - can you follow up with the screenshot attached?

Follow up with screenshot sent. Thanks for the quick response!

One of the guys built this as an edge use case - it was something about not wanting to use the ST app on a device. He did some magic (i.e., it was over my head) and basically wired the tag into the battery charger for the phone. No reason (other than VOIDING YOUR WARRANTY!) you could get creative and start wiring presence tags into other devices.


I would wire one into my car in a heartbeat - IF I could get it to beacon every second. The interval it’s at diminishes the value, for my use case, where it’s not worth the effort.

Let me see if I can get you the info to change the heartbeat. Obviously, on battery we had to keep the interval low. (I don’t know if it is truly possible but I will find out.)


Oh man that would be amazing. I can imagine a bunch of people wiring these up to their car if that would work. The ideal situation would be a fob you plug into the cigarette lighter, that beacons constantly/every second.



Any update?

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Buahha ha ha ha!

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We need to create a thread with links for all of these ‘let me see’, ‘let me check’, ‘let you know’ that go unanswered…I have a few…( for consolidation purposes, if nothing else)


Actually, I just did…

Sorry, I got the answer and didn’t get back to you. My bad.

No this is not possible. The heartbeat is in the firmware.


Hey Aaron, it happened again today, but this time is much different than last time. This time the sensor left and came back within a minute AND a custom SHM that is supposed to ignore the sensor being gone for 10 min, fired at the same time the sensor reported that it has left. Ticket 249451

I think there is confusion about the “once within this number of minutes” setting. It looks like the presence sensor came and left once (which we know happens periodically). If it happened multiple times within XX minutes (whatever you have set), only the first one would have fired.

Can you add some in-app screenshots to your ticket to confirm?

You know what, you’re right. I could have sworn that there was a buffer option to not take action if presence sensor was not gone for 10 min. I haven’t looked at this in a long time, because my garage doesn’t open on its own that often, and it closes after 10 min anyway. But the frequency is increasing I may need to spend some time to rethink the garage door opening process. Thanks for responding so quickly.

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I have the same issue. Two arrivals and no departures or both throughout the night. I got one for my daughter and she left and came back more then 40 times between 9 at night till 6am. She is 11 and I know for a fact she was asleep all night. She keeps it in her book bag which was in her room.

my arrival sensor has worked flawlessly for a month or so.

today my wife left and returned and the sensor still reads as departed. the sensor is sitting here next to me in our home and it still reads as departed. any ideas on what i can try to get it showing up again as arrived? i removed the battery and put it back in, and the battery still reads as 88%. not sure how i can even tell if the device is working still.

Is the signal interval for departure and arrival 30 seconds? Sometimes I’m a few mins down the road before I get a notification that I “left” and the same for arrival, most of the time its fine but others I stand in front of the door trying to decide if I should get my keys out or not.