Supporting multiple fans

I have a porch with multiple fans/fan lights. Each fan comes with its own remote. This just seems silly given I have 4 fans. Is there a way I could have each fan have it’s own controller in the fan canopy and control via a zwave switch? I havent found a good option here.
The iNovelli red switch for fan/light was looking good, however, you can only have the switch pair with one canopy receiver apparently. I’ll keep looking, but hope some has ideas.

While each switch of that model can only be tied with one fan, you should be able to set up automations so that the switches follow each other, that is when one fan turns on then the next one mirrors that behavior. Or you may be able to have the fan canopies themselves mirror each other, that just depends on the specific brand and model that’s involved.

I see … Perhaps I could get one iNovelli switch tied to one fan. Then purchase zwave canopy modules that mirror that switch? Perhaps? Are there zwave canopy relays that handle fan/light options like low/med/high fan speeds? I don’t think I saw those either.

Thanks for the idea @JDRoberts!

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There are, but again it all comes down to the exact model of the existing fan and then what you want to use with it. Plus remember that in a smart thing set up it doesn’t have to be a Z wave controller for the fan, it can be a Zigbee one. The switch will communicate to the hub and then the hub will communicate to the other fan controller.

See the fan FAQ. Although the topic title mentions Alexa it’s the same solutions for any fan control.

FAQ: 2019 Ceiling Fan and Dimmer light wall mount control compatible with SmartThings and Alexa?

Would a Bond Bridge be a viable option? It just emulates the RF commands from the remotes, making it scalable without wiring more power modules.

When Bond stopped supporting IFTTT, they shared a video of how to integrate with ST instead. Hence, how I initially ended up here. I had 4 fans integrated and WebCoRE pistons automating them before I even bought a ST hub.

If the existing remotes are addressable/programmable, then it may be feasible to have one remote control them all. A zero-cost solution is always good.

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@hatallica that sounds like an options. I looked a little into Bond Bridge and seems mixed as to whether it works and integrates to ST. Sounds like it does from you say. This may be the ticket. My fans are Home Depot Hampton Bay fans with speed control and light control. Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve had the bond bridge for over 2 years now and it’s worked really well. I’ve had no issues with the ST integration and at one point had 5 fans all connected through it. I now only have 2, but highly recommend it. This is how the tiles look in the new app.

Thanks @saosinx88 for the screen shots. I’ll give it a try and see how it works. What ST app / device driver are you using?

I try to use the new app for as much as I can, and that’s just the handler that is assigned when you connect your bond account. Since the integration is cloud to cloud, you can’t change it and the devices aren’t really controllable with the old app.

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I thought I could launch actions via webcore. I’ll check for examples of this.

You can still use webcore.

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Did you get a chance to look at the FAQ link that I gave you above? The bond bridge is listed there as one of the options and it mentions that there is an official integration with the new V3 app since 2019.

Here is the link again, the Bond is option 4.

FAQ: 2019 Ceiling Fan and Dimmer light wall mount control compatible with SmartThings and Alexa?

My first webcore piston was turning on fans via Bond whenever my dog toots his own horn, so to speak. Super easy. It was partly to make my wife laugh, but also was my proof-of-concept to justify installing another fan and buy some ST gear.

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Very cool! thanks for the Bond example in webcore.

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