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Support of OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus devices



I wish I had found this sooner! And right now it is on sale! Best $15 ever spent!

Once I found it I couldn’t wait, I bought the software only package, and pulled the Z-Wave stick from my Hubitat. After downloading some drivers from somewhere, rebooting windows to allow non digitally signed drivers, and installing them it worked! I recommend getting the kit and making life easier on yourself, but if your like me and have been dealing with this for months and have family coming in less then two weeks, it was worth the extra effort.

(DavidK) #123

Are there available updates for Ge zwave switches?


GE are not listed, in fact the list is small,

but if you can get the HEX or HEC files you can.

(Steven Pierce) #125

I can’t seem to figure out how to do a firmware update. I connect to the smartthings hub and I see nodes that it finds in the log but nothing shows up in step 2. How do you get step 2 to populate with devices for you to update?
I appreciate any help.

(Blaine M) #126

What devices are you wanting to update? It may be that there is no firmware available for them.

(Eric Anderson) #127

i bought homeseer z-wave firmware update KIT where do i download z-flash?
all that was in the box was the smartstick+.

key for the software will be in your order history on the homeseer store.


Any news?



news for on what?


About Leviton and ST OTA FW Update.



No, but now that I have the Z-flash, I check all my device with it when I install them.


OK, Thanks :slight_smile:


Any news about OTA for Z-Wave? I would hate to buy something else to do something the hardware I have is able to do.

(Bradlee S.) #134

SmartThings has no timeline for adding the ability to perform Z-Wave firmware updates. There really aren’t that many devices in general use that necessitate an update, and manufacturers would rather sell you a new device than add functionality to old devices. It simply is not a priority.

(Chris) #135

Did you ever get a response from Jasco?

(Chris) #136

I just called in to Jasco tech support and the support rep said they can’t provide the files since they are proprietary. Asked about any type of program where I could send the devices in to have them updated, they said no to that as well.

(Bradlee S.) #137

I did. They said they “are working with SmartThings” and can’t provide firmware at this time.

Same old story.

(Warren) #138

I’m trying this and yeah, it is slow. But I guess slow is better than nothing, something I said about my first car too. I must have some of those 25 minute devices.

One oddity I noticed is that for some reason while it scanned all my devices, only a small subset shows up in the Devices list box. My guess is that either there is some bug in the app as it is just a grouping of like 15-20 devices in the middle of the address range since of the ones listed only a few were ones that it had an update for. Or maybe the app is fine and it’s only showing me the Z-Wave+ devices and not any of the normal Z-Wave devices? Anyone else have anything like that happen or an explanation?

Another question - does anyone know of a list of firmware that is available publicly? I’m not sure how firmware gets included with the tool but I know some manufacturers post it (Aeotec) so I’m not sure if what is there is what HomeSeer could find after searching or simply what they were sent by manufacturers. Regardless, it would be nice if we could collectively compile a list of what is available.

A few things I found in addition to what I recall reading in the thread here:

  1. It refers to all devices in decimal though in the ST world all are hex so you’ll have to remember that and do a lot of conversions if you’re trying to figure out what device is what
  2. You can only select identical devices for updating at a time - not a big deal but if you had several groupings you would have to be attentive.
  3. The app does not seem to tell you what devices need updating nor which ones it has the .hex/.hec file for even though it seems to know this. For instance, with a Leviton switch module, it has an update and it knows it because when you select them, it has the .hec file as the only option listed in the update file dropdown. I suppose that would give you some flexibility to have multiple ones but I’d prefer some automation and convenience. Likewise with say Jasco, if you select them, there is nothing in the dropdown. So it knows what it has and what it can do but doesn’t really help you out. :frowning:
  4. For those interested in Schlage, It was unable to scan those devices. Not sure why or if there is some security in the lock to prevent this but all the “IR” (aka Ingersoll-Rand now Allegion) devices seemed to end up this way. Of course there isn’t an update in the tool for that but even so it might mean it wouldn’t work without something additional.
  5. For Graber / Zebra shades, these devices scan as “Unknown” so I guess the Z-Wave modules in the shades must be pretty primitive. Not sure but once again, no update for them that is public AFAIK.
  6. While scanning, it may give you several messages like “Cannot reach node 92, will not import any information about this node.” I think this could be a hole in the mesh but this device (after converting to hex) is clearly reachable by ST in my case so not sure exactly what the problem is. I’ll have to investigate a bit. I got that several times and it was for all different types and manufacturers and at varying distances from the hub and other devices (that were scanned ok).

(Steve White) #139

If the email I received from Schlage support is accurate, their Z-Wave and Zigbee locks have “fixed” firmware which cannot be upgraded OTA.

I’ve got 2 older touch screen deadbolts that aren’t playing nice with other locks. I’m told newer firmware is this fix however Schlage said it cannot be done by the end user and they don’t service their older locks now either.

Not happy.

(Jarrod Stenberg) #140

Thank you Kianoosh. The update is due according to your timelines. Where is it?

Thank you.

(Michael) #141

I have a large installation of Leviton DZ6HD and DZ15S switches with DZ00R-DL remote switches for 3-way and 4-way applications. I have 2 issues:

The remote switches do not correctly display the dimming level when the master switch is off.

The master switches do not report the correct z-wave status to the Smartthings Hub when using the remote to operate the master.

Levition technical support is providing me with a zwave USB dongle and Levition OTA firmware updating software. The software and firmware can be downloaded here. This may be a temporary link but it’s working now.