Support of OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus devices



I wish I had found this sooner! And right now it is on sale! Best $15 ever spent!

Once I found it I couldn’t wait, I bought the software only package, and pulled the Z-Wave stick from my Hubitat. After downloading some drivers from somewhere, rebooting windows to allow non digitally signed drivers, and installing them it worked! I recommend getting the kit and making life easier on yourself, but if your like me and have been dealing with this for months and have family coming in less then two weeks, it was worth the extra effort.

(DavidK) #123

Are there available updates for Ge zwave switches?


GE are not listed, in fact the list is small,

but if you can get the HEX or HEC files you can.

(Steven Pierce) #125

I can’t seem to figure out how to do a firmware update. I connect to the smartthings hub and I see nodes that it finds in the log but nothing shows up in step 2. How do you get step 2 to populate with devices for you to update?
I appreciate any help.

(Blaine M) #126

What devices are you wanting to update? It may be that there is no firmware available for them.