Support of OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus devices

I can confirm this with the Aeotec Z-stick as well. I contacted Leviton support for the latest firmware, added the Stick as a secondary controller in ST and started the Leviton Zwave Firmware update app from my PC. Worked like a charm.

I would just like to chime in and say that it is a bit ridiculous that we still have to obtain another hub stick just to do ota updates. It was promised almost 2 years ago on more than one of these threads. I’ve held off on updating my Leviton switches only because I don’t want another stick that only does this one thing for me.

Bump for Zwave OTA updates. I have switch that I need to update. Dims way too fast…

Zooz customer service is awesome! They wanted to ship one as a loaner so I can update. That is great service!

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They can do Z-Wave updates on Hubitat now, maybe someone can port it over to SmartThings?


@bcopeland I see you’re the clever fellow that made this DTH and its been a great success over on Hubitat, users simply swap DTH, load the latest firmware of their particular Z-Wave device, then your DTH checks its the correct one before it flashes, also without having to even exclude the device from the coordinator. My question is, is there any reason why this wouldn’t work on the SmartThings platform? I’m guessing it’s possible because the two systems are so similar…

Bump. Inovelli has new FW out and I’ve just realized it’s ST that is the limiting factor here… This will likely push me into Hubitat as the cost of the hub compared to a stick is pretty minimal, AND this latest app is pretty useless. I look forward to an update from the team very quickly.


I wish Smartthings will introduce this feature in the next couple of months


tic toc… still waiting…

let me put my ST hat on:
Why would you ever want this? z-wave devices never release updated firmware!

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Many companies do now…

Example: Inovelli constantly releases updates for their Z-Wave devices.


It’s ridiculous this has not been implemented yet, most of my zwave devices have firmware updates. This may be the reason I finally move to Hubitat : (

Scroll up a little… While I agree it would be very nice for this to be native in SThings, the HomeSeer Z-Stick with Z-Flash software is pretty slick and gets the job done nearly effortlessly. Add the USB Z-Stick as a secondary controller in SThings, and you won’t need to remove any devices from your SThings network. Then use the Z-Flash software to flash the devices and done.

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Has Samsung provided any updates on this functionality?

As the author of this thread I agree with your assessment. The only issue is that most device manufacturers do not supply the firmware updates to HomeSeer nor in the right format to allow users to DYI. I’m happy that I was able to update my Leviton devices but I have others that need to be updated as well.

Given that I started this thread nearly 3 years ago it’s pretty clear that this is very low on the priority list, if at all.


SmartThings has, ish, nothing official though so you cannot hold anyone to this but:



Awesome news. I hope Jasco joins this program.