Support of OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus devices

Just making sure since your comment made it sound like it doesn’t exist at all.

@gbenrus25 @Blaine

There is some support for zwave OTA I was just checking if it was rolled out to the public. I have some extra stuff available because I’m tagged as internal. So the framework is there already.


@jody.albritton Nice! Great to hear. I know you guys don’t like giving timelines but if you can find out an approximate timeframe when it’d be rolled out, that’d be super helpful. I have some light switches I’d like to update so trying to see if I should get a zwave stick or wait it out.


No timelines, sorry. I will ask the hub team next week when I see them.


Thanks sir!

I am also volunteering for any betas… :slight_smile:


There is a new firmware update for Aeon Nano Shutter.

It will be really great if we can do OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave devices with smartthings hub.


What is needed to sign-up for the Z-Wave OTA update beta feature?

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We have to have this feature available to us in this day and age…bump for OTA updates


Yes please. Would be great to update if new features are released by mfg


Can we please add the Keen Vents to Zigbee firmware updates wishlist and Local DTH if possible ?

There was a post way back in January from a SmarThings Staff engineer saying you were testing this feature. Kind of shocking it has taken this long.

Any update from the hub team?

I’m also interested in Z-Wave OTA Firmware updates so if you are planning any beta testing I’d be on board for participating.

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Any news about this? Any chance of beta testing soon in Europe?
I’d really like to upgrade my Aeon Nano Shutters to the latest firmware (which seems a big improvement) asap…
I don’t like at all the idea of buying a Zwave stick and then going through the hassle of getting a windows machine up and running just for an one-shot update that will take 30 minutes at most and i will likely never repeat again…

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This completely wipes them and changes a important bit that removes them from the hub. It’s still well worth doing but it’s best to do it with a different z-wave stick anyway. Over wise it will cause you to have ghost devices on your network.

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Wow, I’ve been waiting for Z-Wave OTA support for two years! I have Leviton switches that keep falling off the network. The more recent switches purchased work great, but without OTA, I have to replace the ones that don’t work! Will someone from Samsung please update this thread with a status report?

No need to wait for SmartThings. Get the HomeSeer USB stick and software. It come with the leviton firmware. Search this thread or the one on leviton for the details.

Yes but then you have to unpair them from ST, pair them to HomeSeer, then pair them back.

No. You add the Z Stick to ST as a secondary controller device and don’t need any Homeseer hardware. Your devices stay in your ST network the whole time unless you choose to delete and re-add them due to some issue with the firmware upgrade.