[SUPPORT] New installation and having trouble

I searched the forums, but found no answer. Tried the Chat, but it isn’t available. Sent an e-mail and am crossing my fingers for a response… So hoping that maybe I might be able to get some assistance here in the community.

Brand new user, installed ST Hub got the green lights. Installed the Android App, created account, logged in, registered device, configured Home and was starting to add rooms. Then I got a “You are not authorized to perform the requested operation.”. It just comes up over and over again, I can’t seem to do anything and I can’t find anywhere to set any particular permissions.

Any help?

The Android mobile app has been quite buggy recently, and this is one of those things. Force quitting the app and restarting it sometimes helps. Persistence helps. Have you been able to add any devices?

No, nothing yet… I guess I can only do this through the app as there doesn’t appear to be any kind of webservice available.

I’ll try rebooting my tablet and see if that clears it.

Complete reboot, and as soon as I open the app, I get the message.

Tried using the app on another device and am getting the same error message on the other device.

Support is your only path then.

I was afraid it may be… Not too impressive for a new installation and just setting things up. Hopefully support won’t be as bad as many of the posts I’ve read indicate.

They can probably be quite helpful, once you connect.

I guess there is a website, but even there I can’t do anything:

Yea, looks like your account must be hosed up.

Now, I have lost almost a whole day with this thing and can’t do anything with it. Not a great experience