Support for Verizon Home Monitoring Trane Thermostats?

(Tom Lavoie) #1

I’m about to pull the trigger on a Vera3 controller, but wanted to ask a quick question as I’d love to go this direction instead. I’m bailing out of the Verizon solution but need to support the Schlage zwave locks and Trane zwave thermostats provided by the Verizon solution. I’m pretty sure this will support the locks, but I see nothing on anyone using the Trane thermostats bought through Verizon. Just curious if anyone has tried them, and what works/doesn’t work? Ordering today, so need info asap!!


(Seth Goldberg) #2

Tom - How did you end up? I’m thinking about doing the same thing.

(Tom Lavoie) #3

Hi Seth, as you can see I never got a reply from this, so I bought a mi casa verde Vera 3 which worked PERFECTLY with all of my Verizon hadware, including the stupid camera! Hate to suggest a competing solution on these forums, but without anyone having replied I’m not sure what they expect…


(Seth Goldberg) #4

Great to know Tom. I still have to make up my mind here. I get the sense that the Vera solution is proven and refined. However, I’m concerned about future proofing the setup. I love how the SmartThings ecosystem is bigger than just Z-Wave. For example, I already have a Jawbone Up24 and IFTT. Integration with those solutions is very appealing to me. I have to mull this one over a bit…

Thanks so much for your reply!