Support for Nodon OCTAN z-wave Remote (DTH in post 32) (also works for Soft Remote)

Could someone please tell me what the correct procedure is to pair the Nodon remote I have the one with the magnetic back its well built, unit but for the life of me I cant get ST to pair with it, the instructions confuse me as to what mode it should be in and on how to get ST to find it during pairing. Thanks in advance. I would really like to get this working.

Can anyone please tell me what the pairing process is with this Nodon remote is, I cant seem to get ST to find it and the instructions are confusing the hell out of me sorry but once I can get it paired I can try to use the code listed here to get it to work but right now I cant for the life of me work out what buttons to push to get this paired. Thanks in advance.
This is the model I have.

Hi, I had issues at first. Finally paired once I bounced the hub.

Add the DH then pair by Pressing and holding full circle and Plus buttons (1 and 2)for 1 sec then Full circle again.

I also found DH code and pairing instructions on a Nodon blog here:


I have 5 of the Nodon CWS 3-1-00 Wall Switches and I recently had to reset my v2 hub. I wasn’t able to remove them before resetting the hub as the blue light was constantly on the hub as it was offline.

The problem I have now is that I am unable to add the devices back again to ST. I have changed batteries and also pressed 3 and 4 to reset the switch. I have managed to use the Z wave device exclusion to exclude the switches. However, when I try to include them again, I don’t get the green light after pressing 1 and 2 and then pressing 2.
Grateful for any help!

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I just got a NodOn Soft Remote. I got it working ok with the directions provided by sean-dev.

In the ST app, the icon for button 4 disappeared. I reset the remote to factory default and tried it again. The same button disappeared. It was there when I first paired it.

I cant get it working with V3 hub and he new PP :frowning: