Support for Multi-hub in Alexa skill

I have a system with multiple hubs, as well as Echo devices in multiple homes. The Alexa integration is one of the best features of ST, but I can only seem to enable one hub at a time in the Alexa app. Is there something I’m missing? If I’m right, are there any plans to support multiple hubs in the future?

Can you clarify what you mean by only being able to enable one hub at a time?

Previously the Alexa integration was limited to a single location on a SmartThings account. The recently updated version enables all locations on a SmartThings account. In either scenario, an individual hub is never enabled so I wouldn’t expect an issue either way.

When I set up the ST skill and get to the authorization page, it asks me which location to enable. From the UI I see, I only get to pick one, and I don’t see any UI to come back and add additional locations.

And yes, when I said ‘hub,’ I meant ‘location.’

In the new V3 app, a location doesn’t have to have a hub (it might just have, for example, a Samsung smart television and a hue bridge with hue bulbs).

And it is technically possible for a location to have more than one hub, although it is not recommended.

So I’m a little confused about what you’re asking. :thinking:

Here’s what I’m asking: apparently, the skill I have been using is the ‘classic’ skill, which only allowed one “location” to be enabled. I apologize if I haven’t stayed updated on the latest concepts; I’ve been using ST for many years, from way before the Samsung acquisition. It used to be that a location and a hub had a 1:1 correlation, so I guess I’ve been thinking of them as the same thing.

Anyway, I found the “new” skill, and I’ll try that one out. All the one-star reviews in the Alexa skills catalogue are a little worrisome to me, but I’ll reserve judgement until I try it for myself.

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Before trying it out, see this thread there are many bugs.


So far, so good. I have a lot of work to do to get all my automations and classic-app Routines migrated to the new mobile app before I can know whether the new skill can do more than control devices for me. I need it to arm and disarm STHM, etc.

Thanks for your help!

Both the old skill requires a routine for this. The new skill requires a virtual switch (or better yet, a lock with voice pin code!) to do this via alexa

Yup, that’s how I have (had, since I can’t reinstall it, since it’s gone from the skills catalogue) it in the old skill / classic app – a virtual switch that triggered my Good Night, which triggered SHM (the classic app) to arm.