Support for devices that randomly go offline

I have 2 zwave smoke detectors (First Alert) and 2 motion sensors that randomly go offline multiple times a day (10-20).

I figured I would send an email to support but it has now been over a week and no one has answered. How is samsung expecting to be the player in home automation if it is imposible to get any support?

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@Pierre-Alain_Isore. Same instance here - at least for the First Alert Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Alarms (ZCOMBO). I have two that show offline. I’ve “rebooted” them and they still disconnect after the reboot. Perhaps I will remove them from my list of devices and then try to reconnect them and then go through the PAIN of editing my automation to re-add them. UGH.

Try reaching out to the manufacturer support instead of SmartThings. SmartThings support are slammed right now triaging all the issues they’ve created with the forced migration, and the manufacturers should know their own products better anyway.

That is exactly why I am not removing them yet… What a pain!

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Checked your battery?

This happens on one of my First Alert ZCOMBO devices even with brand new batteries. I’ve tried excluding and resetting it, but it always goes back to showing offline.

Yup put new batteries in just to make sure.