Superglue and Arrival Sensors don't mix

(Robin) #1

Note to myself… don’t leave an arrival sensor, padlock, Ikea food clip and superglue bunched together in a hot car!!

Takes a knife and lot of effort to undo.

( I hate Mondays) #2

That was quite the army knife you had there, had all the necesarry accessories for a ST user… arrival sensor, padlock, food clip, AND glue for when the platform breaks. You should have glued them on top of the knife, not use the knife to unglue them… would have made that knife perfect… what a missed opportunity…

(Jimmy) #3

Must drive a Range Rover or Jag if you have to keep superglue on hand :laughing:

(Robin) #4

Sliced my finger open with a kitchen knife last week… the glue saved a trip to hospital and I then left it in the car for occasional repairs (of the cut)

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #5

I blame the Ikea food clip…


Best place to store the superglue is the refrigerator. It will tend to solidify if stored in high places. And humidity is a problem also. Cold and dry for best storage.

(Robin) #7

I just buy the single use mini tubes… they last years in the garage until opened. :wink:

Not sure my wife would approve of glue stored in the fridge.

(Robin) #8

Thinking about recreating the incident actually, an arrival sensor locked to my wife’s handbag would certainly stop her forgetting to take it with her all the time lol!


Lock box. :wink: We use ours for medications that require refrigeration, but put the glue tubes in there as well. There are a number of different brands and styles.

(Robin) #10


@JDRoberts… the person with an answer for everything lol.


One house, three housemates, everyone’s friends and family, personal care attendants, and a service dog. You learn a lot about lockboxes. :wink:

(Robin) #12

This method is more funny though:

(Paul Haskins) #13

Used to work in a plant where we bought it in 5 gal containers, we transferred to 1 liter bottles and filled applicators (automated) and small bottles (hand application) from there. Kept it all in refrigerators scattered thought out the plant.

Now IF one has a large spill - do not use cloth to wipe up and dispose in trash cans. Spontaneous combustion is a real think…

Seen it several times.


CA glue sets in reaction with water (so, humidity). The key detail is to keep it dry and you should be good. The freezer is a good idea due the fact that it is also dry on account of having frozen any humidity out of solution.

( I hate Mondays) #15

Are you a chemistry guru? ;))

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #16

You know what is a good mix?