Sunset to Sunrise Automation in New SmartThings app not working

I have been struggling with the sunrise/sunset also. I have the Smart Lighting Installed along with WeatherStation. I see in the WeatherStation smartapp if you click on it the correct sunrise and sunset will show in there. What seems to be happening is if I create an automation such as turn on my front Carriage Lights 10 minutes after sunset it will see that today’s sunset is at 8:05pm. That means my lights should come on at 8:15pm. A week or so later, when sunset is at 8:14pm my lights should now come on at 8:24pm. The problem is they do not. They still come on at 8:15pm just like the day I created the automation. Even though I see the hub knows the correct sunrise/sunset it will hold onto the times from when I created the automation. I have tried this via the automations and the SmartLighting smartapp and seem to get the same outcome. This happens with both sunrise and sunset automations I have setup and in the different methods I am trying to see if one works better than the other (automations vs. smartlighting app). Does anyone know why the hub would hold onto the times and not update at the sunrise/sunset times change during the year? Thanks.

This isn’t working for me, and my sunrise/sunset automations are not running. I believe I added them using the new app in the last 2 weeks since your post, @Brad_ST.

I used the old app previously, and I have “Weather Station” installed in the “Hello Home” SmartApp, but not under the “Smart Lighting” SmartApp. This is despite screwing around with the sunrise/sunset automations a lot since then, trying to get them working.

If I look at the Job History log for the Weather Station under Hello Home SmartApp, I can see the sunriseHandler and sunsetHandler log lines at the expected times. Scheduled Jobs there also looks good. And when I open up the Location Events log, I can see the LOCATION API log lines as well (for example “sunset=true” with Displayed Text “It is now sunset”.

It seems like maybe the only problem is that I am missing Weather Station under Smart Lighting. I can’t find any other explanation for why my automations are not running.

I may have found a partial solution, despite contacting support.

Yes, that says “despite”. I emailed them and followed their instructions and it appeared to make matters even worse, or at least didn’t help. Support told me to erase all my automations, and then to delete the “Weather Station” app that I had under “Hello Home”. Then they told me to recreate the automations. I did all that and the only effect was that I no longer had “Weather Station” listed at all. Not under Smart Lighting, and not under Hello Home.

On my third interaction the support person told me to reinstall Weather Station from the marketplace, leading me to believe the person I was talking to didn’t quite understand what he was talking about. I am pretty sure that the app is not in the marketplace and that this suggestion is not possible. So I decided to experiment on my own since it probably couldn’t get much worse.

First, I deleted “Hello Home” from the API webpage. This seems dangerous but the only functionality from it that I am aware I was using was Weather Station anyway. I wasn’t using any of the classic Routines, just the Automations in the new app. Then I logged out of the classic app, killed it on my phone, and logged back into it. I checked to see if I got “Hello Home” back. I didn’t.

Then in the classic app I made a new sunrise-based lighting automation. This is what did it. I checked the API webpage and I now have the Weather Station app listed as a member in the Smart Lighting app, as in Brad’s screenshot above.

So, now I have Weather Station under Smart Lighting, which I think will fix my problem. I no longer have Hello Home. I am not sure what else this might break in the future, if it’s possible to get it (or the Routines tab in the classic app) back again, or if support is competent to fix it for me if depending on them becomes necessary.

Thanks everyone above for the helpful info. Hope this helps someone else who is stuck.

Good to hear you’re all sorted now. Sorry about the difficulties though!

In the spirit of sharing helpful info, you only need one installation of “Weather Station” and it can be under “Hello Home” or “Smart Lighting”.

The majority of users will see it nested under their “Hello Home” SmartApp which also includes any Routines. The new SmartThings app uses Scenes and automations rather than Routines so “Hello Home” isn’t installed automatically for all users.

If a user removes or doesn’t have “Hello Home”, they should use Scenes/automations rather than Routines and “Weather Station” will install under the Smart Lighting SmartApp when a sunrise/sunset “Smart Lights” automation is added.

In the case above, it’s difficult to retroactively say why the original “Weather Station” wasn’t working properly but it certainly isn’t necessary for “Weather Station” to be nested under “Smart Lighting” to work properly. As the SmartApp was already installed, that’s why it wouldn’t install again until “Hello Home” was removed.


So @Brad_ST does a Smart Lighting instance need to be installed before sunset/sunrise will work in the new app automation creator? Or does it use another method for finding sunrise/sunset times?

It uses a different method. If you are solely building sunrise/sunset automations from “+ Add Automation” in the new app, you have to have your location set but won’t see Weather Station in the IDE.


Hey @Brad_ST— I recently switched over to using the new app, removed all legacy automations and scenes, and then set them up from scratch in the new app’s automations.

I can’t seem to get any of the sunrise/sunset automatons to trigger. I’ve checked my location and weather station app is installed with the correct times.

Am I missing something??

@Brad_ST I too am having issues getting Hello Home/Weather Station reinstalled for myself. I don’t see any smart apps in the IDE, though I do see Smart Lighting listed on the mobile app. Following your note here Sunset to Sunrise Automation in New SmartThings app not working I still wasn’t able to get Weather Station installed. Can you help me out?

All I’m trying to do here is create a Smart Lighting automation that’s limited to sunset to sunrise.

The old Classic app allowed sunrise and sunset as time on/off options but the new Smartthings app does not. No, it does not.

When my perfectly good automations in Classic were “migrated” to the new app, the migration did not properly occur for some parameters, sunrise and sunset, among them.

Oh, by the way, my garage door opener can no longer be automated either. It was automated in Classic but the automation did not properly migrate.

To add insult to injury, Classic was effectively decommissioned so that you can’t return. No, you cannot return to what actually worked. Classic was a bit clunky, but at least it worked.

The new Smartthings app is simpler because it has less functionality.

There is some sort of 3rd party app out there that supposedly makes things all better, but the instructions are presented in gibberish and jargon to the extent that it is worthless.

Do you need any help to resolve any of these issues or was this post just a rant about ST?

Regarding Sunrise/Sunset, if you had an offset more than 60 minutes then that might be the issue.

I cannot guess what is the problem with your Garage opener…

In some cases, the offset was more than 60 minutes, and it shouldn’t have made any difference anyway if the migration was properly executed. Sunrise and sunset now do not even appear as options. If they were, they would be readily and clearly apparent.

I can still command the GDO through my smartphone/SmartThings app but all automation was lost during migration and it cannot be reconstructed using the new app.

And no, it’s not “just a rant.” If the new app worked as well as the Classic app, there would not be complaints about it.

Perhaps subsequent updates to the new app will resolve its problems.

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What automations do you want to have for your Garage Door? What device is it exactly? What DH do you use for that?

I just saw your post about the offset more than 60 mins, is that a recent limitation? I had a classic automation that worked for years using 120 mins before sunset but it just broke this week. In fact the automation completely disappeared. I want more than 60 mins because my home is very shaded and gets dark early.

Try Smart Lighting, if it is available for you in the SmartApps section.

Thanks, I’ll do that.

I have the same issue. I’ve been using smartthings for years and now my smart lighting automations just stopped working. I checked and in the IDE everything says its right but I now can’t even access my scenes from IDE to even verify how they are set.

no one can access scenes through IDE since Nov/Dec 2020. You will only receive an error message

Since yesterday, it looks like my sunrise and sunset automations to run scenes that changed my location’s mode stopped firing. I can’t seem to figure out “how” I set up the automations. So not sure if something is failing or got deleted. Ugh.

Yeah I saw that from some other posts as well. I did look back through events and see that one light turns off at sunset but the other doesn’t turn on. I’m only using this hub in my barn but my chickens aren’t happy.

Did you ever get a solution for this issue? My Automations are doing exactly what you describe even though Weather Station has the correct times for sunrise and sunset.