Sunset not working using "Smart Lights", but does with CoRE

I have a very simple setup. Using the SmartApp “Smart Lights”, I Turn on Outlet Living Room at sunset -30 min sent on command to Outlet Living Room. (My Hub and App are set to CST.) Instead of the light turning on at ~8:00 PM CST, it comes on at ~ 4:00 PM CST. If I shut the light off, it also comes back on at 8:00 CST, when it should. If I disable “Smart Lights” by changing to a “test” mode and I do the same setup using CoRE, it works as expected. (Smart Lights runs local on the hub and CoRE is running via cloud.) I have tested over several days and get the same issue. If I set “Smart Lights” to turn the switch on at a specific time, that works. No other Smart Apps are being used of this switch. Any ideas?

Timezone bug in SL? But why 4 hours… You are 5 hours away from UTC…

Because of your awesome work on CoRE, I will use it!

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