Sunset as a time period question

Hi all…
I am moving some of my smart apps to automations and have a couple of queries,if anyone has been there!
I cant see how to set up a time period with sunset as the start time if I also want an end time…ie,from sunset til Midnight?
I can’t see how to trigger an automation if EITHER sensor 1 or sensor 2 is triggered?

Maybe I just haven’t quite got my head round the new logic,but if anyone knows the solutions,that would be great!

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There’s a feature request to address both of those and it’s supposed to be added. In the mean time, the answer for your second question (and maybe your first, depending on the logic) is to create 2 separate automations. The first automation for one sensor and the second for the other.

Thanks for the swift reply!
I might revert to Smartlighting til fixed then!!

No problem. Tagging @blake.arnold

I don’t know if I understood you well,
If you want to activate the same action if movement is detected in any of 2 sensors, you have to select the 2 sensors in the IF part and then click on any of the conditions to be met.

is that in the new app, under + Automation ?..
I don’t get an option for more than one device under IF …?
Unless I am completely missing a step!

click on “+” top right hand

In the second screenshot:

  • click on “Device status”
  • select your first sensor
  • Select “motion detected”
  • Click on “save”

Next Page appears:

Click on “+” to Select Next sensor

Excellent, thanks !

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