Sunrise Issue

Is anyone experiencing issues with sunrise not firing this morning?

Yep. Alarm fired off when I left the house to go to work. The siren wasn’t too pleasant!

Ugh! Thanks I am glad that it is not just me. Of course I tried to contact support via chat and that was a no go, so I sent an email. I am not holding my breath since they still have not responded back to me regarding a pervious ticket submitted several days ago. They should just really do away with the chat support because I 97% of time no one is available to assist. And good luck getting a support member to respond to an email ticket. Furstating.

Hey Patrick -

We’ve lately been super backed up with support, and response times have changed the expectations for longer waiting time. We still have been backlogged since recently, hiring, and on-boarding more people means we have to dedicate our seasoned staff to do so. Not excusing it, but it does explain the longer wait times than we previously had. Qualms of a smaller company; here’s to better timing once everyone is up and running again! However though, I do see that you did submit a ticket at 4pm on Thursday, so it was a few days ago. I did hit up support for you, and they said your ticket isn’t far off, so they’re expected to reach out to you today.

Thanks @April. Support contacted me yesterday afternoon and it appears that my troubles are being escalated. Sunrise did fire correctly this morning.

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