Sunrise events didn't fire today?

Am I the only one with this issue this morning. I checked my dashboard and my back and front porch lights are still on. It looks like they didn’t get the OFF commands this morning.

No problems here. My lights turned off. Logs show the sunrise and sunriseTime events fired for my location. What app are you using to control your lights?

EDIT: CST here.

Mine worked fine, what part of the country are you in?

I’m in AZ and I use just the vanilla Mode Magic smartapp.

The ‘Sunrise/Sunset’ app? I have an app I wrote for outdoor lights that was using code from this SmartApp. I was having problems that I think may have been caused by timing issues . . . somehow, at least this is my theory, slight delays in code execution, scheduling in the back-end cron scheduler, etc. resulted in a case where sometimes today’s scheduled sunrise handler was unscheduled before firing and then rescheduled for tomorrow, therefore, never running today. No way to prove that but I re-coded my app in a different way and have had no issues since (only a few weeks, however).

Anything using the ST “Turn on with motion” SmartApp that was tied to a Phrase in Magic Home did not work for me. And even after manually changing my mode to Daytime didn’t correct it. I.e., my motion sensing lights kept turning on all morning after sunrise… interestingly, @AaronZON’s dimming app worked just fine - terminating after sunrise

I have had some weirdness with motion triggered lights in general for the last few days. Some of my lights have just stopped responding to motion events for brief periods of time. Some are triggering as yours are after they are not supposed to. These events just happen at random times and even rebooting the hub does not always solve it. I could be wrong but to me it appears that some sort of event throttling is taking place. @Tyler might be able to shed some light on this.

What I did specifically was to move the scheduling of the rise and set handlers to a scheduling handler that runs at an arbitrary time in the middle of the day (12:13PM) everyday. In Sunrise/Sunset (ST app), the scheduling occurs twice a day at sunrise and sunset, peak times in the platform . . . this contributes to the issue, I think.

For good measure, I also arbitrarily offset rise and set time by 1 minute to avoid being right in the middle of peak activity on the server in the case where the user does not opt for an offset via the preferences input.

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