Sunlight sensor for sunscreens

Anyone that has found a zigbee or z-wave sensor that can be used to controll sunscreens to close when the sun is out? (must be more than just a twilight sensor, that detects day or night, as I do not want my screens to go down id it is cloudy)

These are stupid expensive with mediocre reviews, but seem to be just what you need.

If you want sunscreen to be open during the day and closed during the night independent of actal illuminance, why not use Period of Time part of Automation: Day and Night.

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I’ve used the homeseer mulitsensor (no batteries) that detects glare during specific time periods and then partially closes the shades. When its cloudy they stay open.

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Thanks all. I am in Europe, so I need a sensor that works with the european frequensies.

I use the Aeotec and Fibaro multi sensors for this and other illuminance triggered routines. Both have proven pretty reliable…

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