Sun and arlo cameras

(Paul Travis) #1

Does anyone else have this problem …on sunny days one of my arlo cameras detects motion and records every other minute (nothing seen in clips ), its annoying and draining my batteries . Is there a fix ???

(Robin) #2

Not specifically with Arlo, but on sunny days you get a greater contrast between light and shadowy areas.

If the shadows are being cast by trees and bushes, swaying in a gentle breeze, the shadows themselves get detected as motion.

I use Blue Iris to detect CCTV motion, allowing me to select contrast, pixel size and motion distance required to cause a trigger… I’m not sure if Arlo gives you that flexibility but worth looking at sensitivity settings.

(Paul Travis) #3

The arlo apparently detect heat…so a shadow of a tree shouldnt trigger motion should it ???

(Robin) #4

Shadows are cool… non-shadows are hot.

It’s still makes a contrast when shadows dance in the wind.

I’m sure this could be a song :musical_note::notes::musical_score: