Sump pump secondary switch trigger with leak detector

I have a sump pump that has a 2-way switch to manually turn it on or to have the pressure switch turn it on. I’d like to hard wire in a secondary switch that can be turned on and off with ST. It could automatically be switched on or off by the condition of the leak detector sensor. Is there a zigbee or zwave relay switch that will work for this? This is a backup in case my pressure switch goes bad.

It’s not a pressure switch, it’s a float switch (might help someone).

Is this an external wired float switch? If so, should be able, if it’s internal - would take some disassembly.

It’s not a float switch. I have a diaphragm with a spring adjustment that has a tube that goes into the pit…a pressure switch.

Never heard of such - any link or photos?

How does it wire?

edit - now I see :slightly_smiling:
Is it the piggyback wiring style? If so should be able to come up with something.

OK - look here -

It looks similar to this one…

It’s referred to as a torpedo sump pump. You can see the pressure switch below the motor and above the pump. There is a wire that attaches to the motor and there is also a manual switch coming off the motor along with a cord that attaches to a standard outlet. The switch goes between on and pressure switch controlled. By default I leave it on pressure switch controlled. It usually isn’t a problem. But as a safeguard I’d like to hook up a ST controlled switch inline with the current switch that will force the sump pump on in case the pressure switch fails. I’m assuming I’d need some sort of a relay switch…but I’m not sure what I need…I’m new to ST.