Summary of Power Usage?

I’ve recently bought a bunch of ZigBee devices that report watts currently being used. Are there any tools that will give me a view of the total kWh being consumed by each of these devices over time (day? month?) and a summary of all of the device’s power consumption? I’d love to use this to help manage some power bill reductions.

P3 4400 “Kill-a-watt” meter about $20 reads amps, power, and records elapsed time and KWH.

Brainstorming: Trendsetter app, Initialstate, Google Sheets, SmartTiles.

One of those things will help depending on your real need.

I think I’m having a difficult time expressing what I want. The Kill-a-watt does not use the power monitoring ZigBee switches and outlets I have installed in the house. Additionally, I don’t believe it can summarize use over multiple Kill-a-watt devices. If there were 20 of them in use in my home, I’d have to go around every day and manually add up 20 usage numbers.

I own a Kill-a-watt and it’s fine for a single device but not a whole house.

You can do what many of us do! We use a SmartApp called Simple Event Logger. It logs events and sends them to when you follow the directions for the app yit tells you how to set up a spread sheet and filter the results you want.


You may want to take a look at this device that connects to your home’s mains and give you a total house usage. Prices have been as low as $10-15 for these devices, so shop around or wait for a sale. (not sure why the Amazon “Robot Check” but the link still works.) As you look at the readings, you can tell when certain devices turn on such a microwave, toaster oven, high powered heater, air conditioner, etc.

Also check this thread about the device:

You seriously can’t beat this setup for ability to view specific timeframes, easily change what exactly you see, and not have the absurd slowdowns Google Sheets has when you have a half million entries on a single Sheet. :slight_smile:


Check out the ST -> Initial State integration (here). You can compute kWh from logged Watts using real-time expression and see it update in real-time. See