Suitable temperature sensor for sauna?

Any temperature sensor that is suitable for sauna? Operating temperature normally 65° celsius . Vibration sensor included would be an nice extra but not necessary , but could be a intrusion alarm on the sauna window though. I have an spare Fibaro motion, temperature, light and vibration multisensor

What country are you in? The device selection does vary. :sunglasses:

Finland. Eu

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I don’t know if anything that can handle that operating environment that isn’t a specialty device where integration would be complicated.

Cao Wireless Tag sensors (also called Kumo sensors) can probably handle the environment, and they are well engineered devices. But you have to use their own ethernet bridge and that would have to be located outside of the sauna.

Integration to smartthings is cloud to cloud. The easiest way is to use their IFTTT channel, but of course now there is a subscription fee for IFTTT if you have more than three applets.

There is a community created Integration, but to be honest I don’t know if it works with the current smartthings app or not. You can ask people in the following thread. ( The topic title is a clickable link.)

If I were doing it for myself I would just use IFTTT, but you can try the other integration if you want.

this is a tiny company and customer support varies a lot, but they are well engineered products at a good price with very good operating specifications. So I don’t know if you want to look at them or not.

Off the top of my head I can’t think of anything else that could handle the heat being that high and integrate with smartthings. hopefully someone else will have some ideas.

Thank you for the very good information. Gets to complicated for a beginner like me. Operation range is high enough for suggested device. Think it would be to complicated anyway to be able to control and powering the sauna on/off. It has wired controler now and wan’t continue to heat after electricity off and then power back on again. I Was thinking putting a on/off switch before sauna aggregate . Maybe to much for Diy

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I use the older fibaro door sensor with external temp probe in our sauna. Probe is inside Sauna and door sensor outside sauna. But its not available anymore (new door sensor is missing the external probe contacts).

Wouldnt the fibaro implant with external temp probe work? If there is a working DTH (driver) for fibaro implant.


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I have diy konnected device with wired dth-11 (dth-22) sensor for temperature and humidity in our sauna. Very low cost and very reliable so far. The device is in laundry room (in a 3d-printed enclosure) and the sensor cable is about 3m long flat telephone extension wire. Too bad that temperatures above 50C cannot be used in automations directly, you have to use work-arounds.

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I’ve noticed the same limitation ;40, sometimes 50 degrees C). What kind of workaround do you have in mind? (I’m using a Fibaro UBS w a DS18B20-sensor attached, measuring the outward airflow)

My workaround is really simple and stupid… I have an automation to announce when our sauna temperature is reaching optimal (65C). Konnected device is polling temperature every 5 mins (by setting) and when it reaches the maximum allowed for automation (50C), the announcement is triggered. With sparse polls, the actual temperature in sauna often (but not always) reach near 65C when announcement is triggered.
Another workaround would be to use temp offset of the sensor’s settings in app. Konnected device does not offer that and I don’t know if automation use actual sensor value or value with offset.

The offset-method sounds interesting. I’ll figure it out next time in the sauna:-)

For my freezers I’m using the older Fibaro fgk-101 with external probes. However in my hot tub I use a smartthings sensor double vacuum sealed with a peace of pool noodle. It just floats around. Also have this setup without the pool noodle inside my 2 aquarium filters. The only bad thing I’ve found is the Batteries only last about 6 months. Small price for peace of mind when I get temp alerts.

eWelink integration seems to be updated to support temp/hum probes on Sonoff TH10/16. Another affortable way to go.

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