SUHD TV Support


Summer 2016 before it goes live.


Other than notifications on my tv screen (which I am not even sure will be a feature), I am trying to figure out how this will be any different than a $99 hub we already have in our living room. I don’t think many people would want to control smart devices from their tv as those menus are typically much slower than your smartphone. Perhaps guests?

I already have a Harmony so I can control every aspect of my tv. I guess this appeals to people who need a new tv and want to buy a hub, but that’s a pretty limited audience on this forum.

Think its a great way to attract new customers. The more peers we get on this the better the overall product will become. :smile:

It won’t. If you already have a hub then you won’t need the one in the TV but you should still be able to control the TV itself with your hub.

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Won’t that be REALLY inconvenient when you install a new device (wall switch, door lock, etc…) that is on the other side the house from the TV (Hub) and the device has to be within 10 feet for initial connection? It is pretty easy to relocate a standalone hub to make that initial connection. I wouldn’t want to move my 65" TV to do so.:sob:

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Good point but the risk of the number of people being affected by that Vs. the number of customers they will gain is worth it.