Suggestions PLEASE. brandnew to ST. Do I download the NEW (non classic app) or the older ? Classic App?

(Albert Kleyn) #1

Folks, brand new user here, receiving the ST starter kit today. What app shall I download ? There appear to be two versions of the app. Any guidance most gratefully received.

(Carson Dallum) #2

I’m not yet on the new app, but plan to do so after my legacy ST account converts to the Samsung account. ST is clearly converging their infrastructure and apps. I’d recommend going with the new one since I suspect any new development will be largely, if not solely, dedicated to that one.

(Jimmy) #3

Both :slight_smile: You can use both right now. Setup the hub with one, and then login to the other with the same credentials. See which you like best.

Unless you’re going to immediately be using custom device handlers and/or apps, then you have to use Classic.

(Albert Kleyn) #4

Carson, thank you so much. Still have to set up my account. so will follow yr advice and get the new one. Many many thanks. Albert

(Albert Kleyn) #5

Jimmy, thank you so much, what a lightening quick reply !!! Device handlers and custom stuff are in the future and at 73 years old might still be a wee bit away from the olde brain cells. .

(Jimmy) #6

i’d go with the new app, then. Enjoy and come back if/when you have questions!