Suggestions for New Things

Suggest some new ideas for devices or ideas on how SmartThings can be extended.


I have some idea ;) Please do not laugh :wink:

1. ComputerToSmartThing

Adapter connects to a USB port with software that allows the computer to communicate with the system SmartThings and send information about events happening on your computer. For example: New mail -> specific action in the SmartThings (information on your smartphone or start a task).

The device would work in two directions. Specific event in the system can cause an SmartThings Computer> For example: sending e-mail, print information to the printer or perform a keyboard shortcut.

2. SmartThingsMiniMeteo

A set number of meteorological sensors (temperature, humidity, pressure, wind direction, wind speed), enclosed in a slim body that communicate by radio with the system SmartThings. Mobile device. Graphical representation of measurements. The ability to save a specified period of measurement and analysis.



RE: 1.) USB dongle - I don’t think this is necessary, unless you’re talking about a non-connected laptop/computer.  SmartThings has already said all this will be ‘webbased’ as well as SmartPhone based, so as long as you get get online you can do everything you can do via a smartphone.  If you computer can access the devices via the web portal, it makes sense that one could setup software to interact between your computer and devices to do the tasks that you want.  So it’s more of a software than hardware problem… again, assuming you’re talking about a computer that is online.

RE: 2.) Weather station: I like this idea a lot.

I am not neutral as I work for a 3D camera company but I can’t help but be excited by the idea to have a  “smart” 3d camera sensing the world and communicating its observations to SmartThings.

I am curious to know if I am the only one excited?


We can use weather forecast by internet instead of sensors. Like in the Fibaro Home Center 2.

Dmitry, I want real readings from sensors in my garden. Internet weather (very inaccurate) I have on my computer…

>Dmitry, I want real readings from sensors in my garden. Internet weather (very inaccurate) I have on my computer…

I know that weather forecast some times inaccurate :wink: Now there are two of us, any body else?

Real weather sensors - good idea, but not very important. For first time internet weather forecast should be fine.

The meteo thing is good, I would imagine it even further, say a small PV panel to know that the sun is shining and how much, knowing when there’s precip to not let the dog out (or in if he’s out) his dog door and close the windows if there’s too much wind with the precip.

>RE: Real weather sensors – good idea, but not very important. For first time internet weather forecast should be fine.

Dmitry - you couldn’t be further off base with what you can do with weather sensors and their importance (which is all relative depending on your frame of reference).  They are an area many people in home automation get started with.

First, you are confusing two things:

  1. Forecast

  2. Sensors that detect current conditions in or around your house

I have a weather station in my backyard and I did a two week comparison of 6 different weather sites (2 local stations and 4 strictly internet). I compared their forecast high and low every day for 14 days to see how accurate each site was.  Weatherunderground was clearly the most accurate.  Others were not even close. This is most likely because they are using the data from thousands of local weather stations to improve their data models and the fact they can deliver forecasts to your specific local area instead of the usual method of the closest airport.  So for me weatherunderground is the best source because they are the most accurate and they have a fantastic free API. Also, I don’t have a runway in my backyard. :slight_smile:

Now for sensors, they are important so you can get accurate current conditions at your location, not relying on an internet site that may or may not be reporting data from someplace untold miles away from your house.  My home automation system uses the data from my weather station for various things. I have a whole home audio system that speaks announcements based on various conditions (example my wakeup announcement speaks the current temp from my weather station in addition to the forecast so we know how to dress the kids for school, along with a bunch of other things).

Just some basic things to do with the sensors from a weather station:

  1. Rain gauge

    If it’s raining and a window is open, notify you
    Sprinkler control. Several things you can do here. Obviously if it is raining, turn the sprinklers off. The rain gauge will tell you how much rain you’ve got. For example, grass needs on average about an inch of water per week. If your sprinkler is set for Monday morning and you just got an inch of rain on Sunday, you can postpone the schedule until next Sunday.
    Just knowing if it raining when you are not home. You have no idea how many of my neighbors check my weather page from work or when they are out just to see if it is raining!
    Do I need to hand water my plants?

  2. Wind gauge

    Rain + wind + open window = big trouble.
    Wind over 15mph generally I notify myself to bring in lawn furniture and prevent things from flying into the neighbors yard.

  3. Temp

    Change your thermostat settings depending on outdoor temp.
    If temp dropping below 35, notify me to make sure my hoses are disconnected from the faucets outside (also done with forecast temp).
    If temp is too cold, cover plants
    If temp is too hot for too long, adjust watering schedule

Temp sensors inside the house are useful too. You could use them in:

Wiring closet to see when your tags hub is about to melt because it's too hot
Attic to turn on/off venting fan
In various rooms to see how unbalanced/inefficient heating and cooling may be in different parts of your house
Use to control ceiling fans to balance the temps
Refrigerator/Freezer - did it break while you were out of town? If you don't have a door sensor, did a temp rise mean someone left the door open?
Could a sudden temp rise be a fire in an area that you don't have a smoke detector?

There are tons of things you could do. Weather is something people are interested in knowing even if they don’t do anything about it, certainly much more so then knowing when a door was opened or closed so I would not be so quick to dismiss it.

If I could vote, I’d love to have a temp sensor on every tag. Next would be the suggested MiniMeteo weather station (although I personally wouldn’t need one because I already have one with a way to do anything I want with the data generated from my existing one).

Hey Guys,

I do a kickboxing class once a week and I create the playlist using Spotify… Although the radio feature based on new playlist is good nothing as really changed since the original tape playlist.

The Idea:

The class is varied and has different stages, i.e. intense warm up, stretching, sparring etc, like most exercise classes its a varied routine

But the playlist doesn’t reflect this variance, because the class isn’t the same every-time, its varied like it should be.

Wouldn’t it be great if a combination of sensors detects the classes activity and plays tracks to suit different stages of the class.

When the exercise is intense it will play a dance track for example, then sensors would detect the groups heat signature  and see if the track selection raises the level of intensity across the group.

When doing the stretching the sensors will detect lower movement and the groups heat signature reducing, a more chilled track will then play.

Basically its a smart playlist rather than generic biased playlist of my choice of music that is created for a group of individuals doing an exercise class.

I am looking for a universal learning remote. I want a IR transmitter thing (cheap so that I can place them at all the devices that need to be controlled). I also want a learning app where I can use my phone camera to learn IR codes that can be translated to a button on the app and networked to the individual IR Transmitters. To take this to the next level tie it back to the fob accelorometer  to control volume or bring up/traverse menus on GoogleTv, xbmc etc.

I too want an IR transmitting device but with current sensing abilities. Imagine a home theater with 4 devices: TV, surround sound amp, Blu-Ray, Cable Box. It should be able to sense the current flowing through the power cables to each device so you know the exact state of the system and can control it as necessary.  I have 10+ years programming Crestron and setting up home automation systems and I know these things are expensive in the professional home automation world. A SmartThings IR/Current Sensor module with good IR GUI control would upset the market.


Note: If you want to control a rack full of A/V gear with a single “Watch Cable” button or turn it all off with an “All Off” button, but a device only has an “Power” IR command you need to know if that device is on or off. This is so you don’t turn a device off when you think you’re turning it on.

I’ve been looking for such a device! A friend worked at leap motion so I’m familiar with the capabilities. But put a large scale version at the corner of my house would detect anyone who climbs the fence into the yard, track cars by license and model, potentially recognize me gait and /or face. There’s a VERY successful kickstarter campaign in there I think. Sign me up!