Suggestion turn on light at random times especially night time

Suggestion update smartapps to turn on a light for a short period (eg 5mins) at a random interval eg between 1am and 6am turn on light for 5mins = this would like like someone is home overnight,
This would be better than turning on a light at 3am for 5mins each night
Start time
End time

webcore and possibly sharptools (tagging @joshua_lyon to check on that) are probably your best bets. @JDRoberts enjoys providing great assistance with this type of question :slight_smile:

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New Smart App in Labs

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If in your región does not have smartthings labs yet or use iOS phone, I modified a public smartApp for random lights turn on and off.
We are waiting for smartthings labs for all regions and all operative mobile software too.

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Thanks for the quick update.
.I looked at smartthings labs “No worries while away” but it doesn’t do what I want.
I am looking for random times the the lights will come within a defined duration the light remains on in order to provide some protection from a thief breaking in.
Duration 01:00-06:00
Time light will be on ie 5minsf
Random (number of times light will be activated - ie 3)
Light will come on 3 times for 5min each time at random times between 1-6am

Here is another older Smartapp that might work for you

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I use Alexa Guard for this


Hi Home Alone looks promising, is there an easy way to add this to my smartthings maybe via smartthing labs. I just use the basics smartthings automation to turn on/off lights so I have no knowledge of how to use github to smartthings etc.
I use Android an my mobile phone,

For now, I think you’ll have to manually Copy & Paste the code in the SmartThings IDE to get access to this code via your mobile app.

Check this Wiki

Look at the section heading

How To Publish Custom SmartApps and Device Types to Yourself So You Can Use Them

You only need GitHub to copy the “raw” code and paste it into a “blank” Smartapp in the SmartThings IDE under the “My Smartapp” tab. It may look a little intimidating but it’s just a few steps to do it. Let me know and I can help with step by step if you need it.

Hi I have copied and pasted the code and published two smartapps. These smartapps are now on my android phone but the lights do not turn on.
I am now trying to delete the apps from the IDE but there is no option to delete.

Any ideas on how to delete/remove these apps as I would like to start again.

Click in left edit icon.
Then options delete appears