Suggestion to SmartApp/Device Devs

(Brian Smith) #1

I love loading up a new smart app or device type to see how it works. However, when an updated version of the App or device type is talked about, I’m not always certain what version I’m on. Sure, I can go to GitHub and see the date of last checkin. But, when I look in the IDE, I can’t tell how old the app I have really is.

Some devs do add dates or version numbers to their code, which is immensely helpful. Perhaps it would be more helpful if the default code that the IDE sets when you create a new app included the date in there to encourage it?

(Geko) #2

Yeah, I started adding release date to Smart Alarm version string. But honestly, we need Github integration more than anything. Other companies do it (e.g. Pebble) and ST promised it long time ago, but no cigar :frowning: