Suggestion: Next version of Hub port to standalone (no cloud)

Samsung’s cloud is failing terribly. please increase the cpu power and ram of the next hub and port to be standalone.
I’m tired of automations not working, webcore not working, and slow responsiveness.

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CPU isn’t the problem. ST engineers have reported even the most complex setups use less than half the CPU power.

as configured, true. will not have the horsepower (cpu+ram) to run everything, such as: automations, webcore, and all custom device handlers and apps.

well i done it, bought Hubitat… mostly due to the deniers that ST has problems. i will miss some things like @RBoy apps, i hope to see some of you on the other side.

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still not working, selecting samsung refrigerator results in app crashing and clearing of dashboard. can’t connect to samsung cooktop.
well at least my lightbulb icons for homeseer switches have finally propagated.