Suggestion for app both IOS and Android

I don’t know about you, but I have many devices Zigbee, Z-Wave and WiFi and would love to see in the configuration for each a place to write down the type of battery it uses. As of now I have four different batteries. So it would be nice as my battery gets low if I look at the battery condition on the things screen it mentions battery type. I am not sure it could be done but I think it would be a nice addition to the app.

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Theoretically this could be done by modifying the device types… of course, that would be royal pain and mean you’d have to manually update your device types anytime ST updated the official types.

I wonder if it could be done via a SmartApp… The more I think about that, the more I think it would be possible. Create an app that watches battery level of selected devices and when it falls below a setting provided by the user it push/texts a custom notification.

Then you’d install the app multiple times for each type of battery you have. The trick would be needing to figure out a way to NOT flood the user with notifications You’d want to get a notification when it fell below 10% perhaps, and then maybe again when it feel below 5%. But you don’t want an update everything ST checks the battery level and see it’s lower than 10%.

But I think the SmartApp route is the best route to go here.

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And thinking about it more, another “poor man’s” solution would be to simply put the info in the name of the device. For example put B1 or B2 or whatever at the end of the device name: “Kitchen Window B2” And then you’d just have to have a personal cheat sheet like:

B1 = CR2032
B3 = AAA

or whatever works for you.

The downside here is that any notification you get about this device would have the Bx added on. Not a huge deal for push or text notifications, but TTS notifications would sound pretty funny.


Chrisb! I tried that idea a long time ago, but since I use Echo it makes things a litle harder when you say Alexa turn on Family room. As it is when you integrate with Alexa it places two devices in the Alexa app and then you have to create a group and create a third name for the group, as Alexa throws an error saying there are multiple names. I just thought just a note page for batteries would be helpful if you can’t have it in the same icon as battery percentage.

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Yep, that’s would definitely cause problem on that end! I wasn’t even thinking the front end but you’re totally right… that’d mess it up even more than the backed of voice announcements.

It’s not that I don’t think having a spot there wouldn’t be good, but I dunno how easy/hard it would be to add that and what it might potentially mess up…

Really what we need is a “notes” field for each device as there’s potentially other uses one could have for including data specific to individual devices beyond just battery type. I could imagine putting things like install date or perhaps serial number or any number of other bits of data that might be important to one person but not so much for others.


That is exactly waht I was thinking. Example: Purchase date, where purchased, battery type etc.

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The SmartApp route is the most practical.

A SmartApp with dynamic pages can store notes for each of your selected devices, in Settings and/or State and/or write to a simple external database (Firebase, etc.) or file for later reference.

Does such a smart app exist? I can see saving to my Google Drive, or iCloud, but both might pose problems do to dual authentication.

Reading and writing simple data structures to/from Firebase (for example) is really simple JSON REST-API and free for small personal use. (I think ThingLayer is the only published example but it may be complicated to find the basic stuff you want).

You might have success with other sorts of data stores like a Google Sheet; or use that for an output report only.

Read up a bit on Firebase basic REST-API and come back with your questions…?