Suggestion,duplicate device in rooms

(Sylvain) #1

It would be nice if we can duplicate device in the rooms pages.Lets says i have created as rooms as is supposed to be ,put light ,door sensor lock etc in that room ,but i also want to have a room called house where all my light is listed(but all my light are already set in other rooms), so i can monitor what light is on or off.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

This is a great idea / feature request!

It’s something that we fundamentally built into ActionTiles ($23.99 web app). ActionTiles doesn’t have “rooms”, but instead let’s you create unlimited number of “Panels”. A Thing can be shown as a Tile on any number of Panels; and, in fact, you can have multiple attributes of a Thing on the same Panel (e.g., a single Contact Sensor can have 3 Tiles: A Contact open/closed Tile, a Temperature Tile, and a Battery Tile).

Many of our Customers create Panels for each of their room, plus specialized Panels for Temperature, Battery, Security, etc.

( Cosmo) #3

If not using smarttiles stump and only want this in your ST app, you could create a virtual device and sync condition with core or webcore