Suggestion,duplicate device in rooms

It would be nice if we can duplicate device in the rooms pages.Lets says i have created as rooms as is supposed to be ,put light ,door sensor lock etc in that room ,but i also want to have a room called house where all my light is listed(but all my light are already set in other rooms), so i can monitor what light is on or off.

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This is a great idea / feature request!

It’s something that we fundamentally built into ActionTiles ($23.99 web app). ActionTiles doesn’t have “rooms”, but instead let’s you create unlimited number of “Panels”. A Thing can be shown as a Tile on any number of Panels; and, in fact, you can have multiple attributes of a Thing on the same Panel (e.g., a single Contact Sensor can have 3 Tiles: A Contact open/closed Tile, a Temperature Tile, and a Battery Tile).

Many of our Customers create Panels for each of their room, plus specialized Panels for Temperature, Battery, Security, etc.


If not using smarttiles stump and only want this in your ST app, you could create a virtual device and sync condition with core or webcore

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