Suggested Setup for Remote Video Conference with Family When Traveling?

Hey Guys -

I started a new job somewhat recently where I’m traveling a lot however must leave a wife and 8 month old each time. I’m trying to find the best solution for a private and easy to use video conferencing system for the house which would be dead simple for the wife to operate as she isn’t a tech person and not very patient. With Amazon’s Prime Days starting, I’m planning to get any equipment needed. Below are ideas I’ve thought of so far with notes if they wouldn’t work…

I’m posting here because my preference is to set up a static camera for the home side - not a phone - so phone apps really don’t apply. I am testing our Skype using an attached a webcam to the PC in our living room which runs Kodi for our TV. I even went as far as finding a Kodi plugin for Skype, however for some reason its not reliable and frustrating getting AV to work all of the time

What would be ideal is something integrated with SmartThings so that it could be used for security as well. I found that the Amazon Cloud Cam was on sale for Prime Day, but that it didn’t have SmartThings support.

Suggestions? Thanks!

Just use two Amazon Spots. They work very well for video calls over WiFi, the cost is good, and you get all the Alexa functionality as well. Super easy to use.

Two pack price is $180.

It’s also an excellent digital photo frame, something new parents often appreciate. :wink:


I second the Alexa devices… Echo Show or the newer Fire HD8 and 10 work with Alexa Show

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There you go. :sunglasses:

Get an echo spot for your living room and the baby’s room (it makes an excellent video baby monitor) and a fire HD 8 tablet for yourself to use while traveling ($49 on the prime day deal) and you should have excellent family video call system that you can even use at the airport.

Calling and Messaging
Ask Alexa to call almost any local number, message your contacts, or video call friends and family who have a Fire Tablet, Echo Spot, Echo Show, or have installed the iOS or Android Alexa App. You can also instantly connect with family and friends by asking Alexa to drop in on enabled Echo devices. For example, you can drop in to ask what time dinner will be ready, see the baby’s nursery, or check in with a close relative.

Your wife will appreciate both the simplicity and the totally hands-free use of the echo spot devices, And you only have to carry a small tablet on your trips. :sunglasses: :breast_feeding:t2: