Suggested Ideas for Smart Things Mobile App and Smart Apps: VPL Interface and Smart Apps Rules Backup

Greetings Smart Things (ST) Community,

This is my first post in the community, first of all I love the momentum and the energy this community has :heart_eyes:. I hope I can add value to this community by suggesting ideas to Smart Things Platform.

I have been using ST Hub and ST devices for almost 4 months now and from end-user experience feedback perspective I would like to suggest the following Ideas that I think it will enhance the user experience.

Idea 1: User Friendly Visual Programming Language (VPL) Interface

In my opinion, adding VPL interface for ST that allows you to create logic rules that can relate two or more triggers to do an action will add lots of value to user experience, and the beauty of VPL is that you don’t need to be developer to create creative logic rules to allows you to automate your home or office.

Idea 2: Providing a method to backup my logic rules

While I was using Smart Apps, I have encountered a situation where I had to remove and redefine all the logic rules and reinstalling my Smart Apps (specially after ST release an update for ST Hub or after maintenance period). To overcome this issue, I am suggesting to provide a mechanism to save or backup all logic rules I have defined in my Smart Apps.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts about these ideas. :slight_smile:

Your kinda let to the party as we already have this:


Rule Machine


Pick your poison and enjoy!


Wow! Awesome work ! :heart_eyes:

Can’t wait to go back to home and start using them.

Thanks for the response.

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SmartRules supports the backup of your rules as you suggest in Idea 2 also!

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