Suggest USB Charging Cable for GE Z-Wave Smart Motion Sensor

Anyone know where I can find a USB charging cable for GE Z-Wave Smart Motion Sensor. There is not one included and it needs to be flat and have an end that turns to the side. One similar to the one that comes with Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW100 Multisensor, Small, White.

I tried googling one ,but I can’t find the name of a the USB cable that turns at the very end which is needed to fit inside the motion detector.

Just a regular cable with a right angle (90)…

From the manual:

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I don’t know why they show that picture ,but only Flat will fit in there and only with an angle. Now that I know the name I should be able to find it though.

Think you might be coming in at the wrong angle. Try the suggested route below with the batteries out: