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Check out the D-Link Camera Manager SmartApp, it has support for the DCS-960L (though it’s not native SmartThings integration)

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Please add more Fibaro products.

Most important are the following:

  1. Roller Shutter 2 FGR-222
  2. Fibaro Wall Plug FGWPE-102 ZW5
  3. Universal Dimmer 250W FGD-212 ZW5
  4. Relay Switch 2x1,5kW FGS-222

It will be nice to have a time table when this devices can be added ( especially first 2 ) since
a basic automation can’t be fulfilled without this type of products.

Thank you.

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Back again.
Please consider the following thermostat also.

Danfoss Living Connect Z

Thank you.

Hi Kenivbjo
Do you have the IDlock with zwave module?
I’m in DK, considering either the IDlock or Yale Keyfree Connected. They look somewhat similar. Trying to work pros and cons of the two.

Foscam IP cameras?


Yes i have the z-Wave module but it doesnt work automatically with ST.
I have not yet figured out how to make it work with ST but I understand it’s some programming that can be done. I justdon’t know how to do it yet.

There are some other people here that know how this can work together.

The lock it self is a very nice lock. Easy to install and works great. I could recommend it.

I think you need to lock in a custom Device Handler and SmartApp created by RBoy

Sounds good you can recommend. I just now trying to figure out if I can get it shipped from Norway to Denmark some how :slight_smile:
Do you use “autolock” feature in it?
I see from the user manual it can autolock after 3 seconds. I would to use autolock even though I would have liked to be able to select how many seconds before it should autolock.

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Have your tried using the Z-Wave Switch device handler, it should work fine, I checked it supports BinarySwitch which is what the monoprice device uses and it isn’t using security class. (there’s a Z-Wave Switch Secure for security class devices)

Yes and t didn’t work for me. It also doesn’t allow for two independent devices in the app.

I did however find a user made device type that works and allows two virtual switches to be tied to the device. I would still prefer ST built in support.

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I’m using auto lock after 3sec. It’s a relief to not worry about the forgetting to lock the door.

Peak Lighting Outdoor LED Strips with wifi controller:

Philips Hue Wireless Dimmer Controller please!!!

Metamorphosis please

In addition I would like to mention the relative of the Chamberlain/Liftmaster, Assurelink (Craftsman) would be great to have.

Arlo Smart Home Security products -
especially the wireless, battery operated HD security cameras

i think these are in the marketplace under camera netgear arlo hd security camera, i was looking at these as well.

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Already here. :sunglasses:

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Is it possible to write a driver & smartapps to directly recognize & use Broadlink RM Pro ?

It’d be nice to be able to use my SmartThings to control dumb things that come with an IR or RF remote via a intermediary device like this RM Pro.

Yes, there’s discussions on how to make it work, but at first glance that workaround requires Android devices in which case it wouldn’t help iOS/iPhone users.

DTS Play-Fi Speakers

Polk is making some very good speakers using this technology at a fraction of the price of the other wi-fi speakers.

Amazon announced integration with Play-Fi:

@allison I use Illmui for color changing bulbs and they are a great alternative to Phillips hue. Illumi is compatible with Smarthings.