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Our only hope is a STs and Amazon partnership here i think Would be cool though!

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I wish they also filled it with a bunch of environmental sensors. Sensors are cheap.

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Now that is Cool @Geco

  1. Amazon Echo

  2. Blink camera support

  3. More Garage door opener options

How about voice control via Amazon Echo?


I am waiting for ismartalarm integration with smartthings. is it possible in near term

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I’d like to hear Sonos tell me if I have to give myself more time in the morning to fill the car up with gas.

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Same idea, only cheaper - $99:

This one has a public API though :smile:

  1. Security cameras - Foscam, SmartCam HD pro, Blink???
  2. Programmable hardware button (round or doorbell style, Z-Wave preferably) to control various scenes. I would buy a bucket of these (cost permitting) and stick them everywhere. Similar to the Iris Smart Button. This can’t be that hard to produce and would be extremely useful.

It would be nice to have this implemented as a plugin window for html based devices.

Yes, I have two Automatic devices. Automatic requires a handshake with your phone. Invariably my phone goes dead or doesn’t connect for some other reason. It also gets complicated when you share a car and both are in the car. The positives are greater than the negatives, though. I brought it up before:

Mojio doesn’t need the phone since it communicates directly to the cloud.

I see… So there’s a monthly service fee for the mobile data service. Scratch that. :smile:

Yes. First year is free through AT&T. Yet to document subsequent years as far as I can tell.

My absolute top three, in priority order, are:

  1. Foscam support - I bought SmartThings for two reasons: to make life easier and to make my new home secure. Without real camera options (DropCam does not allow you to record locally, does not have outdoor options, and requires additional fees for video archiving.) the latter is sorely lacking.

  2. Fan control w/ and w/o light - I have 5 fans in my home all with wall control, 4 with lights, one without. As climate control and energy conservation are interests of mine, I would love to be able to link them up to temp sensors and Nest.

  3. Full Hue integration - This is just for glamour, but as I’ve got a Hue hub on order, I’ve been reading the forums and see all the integration issues regarding status of the lights.


Full integration with Philips hue is probably one of the most desired improvement request which is going to please all of us.


Hi ST Community!

I just ordered one of these (not here yet) but thought it would be interesting if there might be some way to integrate it with ST. I’ll post a follow up when I get it.


This Wink Norm thermostat from Quirky+GE looks great and is pretty cheap -

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I absolutely agree. Simple buttons are great to trigger some action without taking out your phone. I’m excited for the coming release of Flic -
I hope they get to market quickly and work well!


Home water use monitor:

  1. detects water flow and gallons used in real-time (from the main line in the house, after the pressure reducer).
  2. Smart-things allow text alerts for excessive water use (think LEAKS!)
  3. Track water use and conservation strategies.
  4. Enable software to be customizable for tiered water billing, to estimate ongoing water costs.

Something like this on my Smart-things network would have saved me $2000 since a water main leak in my front yard went undetected until the water bill came weeks after the leak began.

Dr. Rings


This is appealing to me as well.

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Here is a website for a guy who rigged up a digitizer counter to some in-house water meters, for real-time water use for both hot and cold. Sweet!

Now we just need an “all-in-one” water meter/smartthings device to do this. It would be the “Nest” for water use. And for those interested in not just total usage, but both hot and cold, you could sell them two devices, which doubles the sales for the developer/manufacturer.

This could be HUGE!!!