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I would like to see LG Music Flow speakers added - they work like sonos and HH Greg had them on sale for $50-$120 per speaker… cleaned out the local stores who only had 1-2 of each model.

Chamberlin Garage door opener would be a nice to have as well, though I’ve read some of the work around things…

Ring doorbell

And Schlage connect locks

we have those already.

The locks can only locked and unlocked. A
Why can’t I set up codes and alarm settings. Set temp codes or schedules. That’s what I would like to see.

I can not find the Ring doorbell as a device to add

Search the forums for lock manager apps. You should see several different applications that should suite your needs with the lock.

As for door bell and similar. I have seen people with various solutions for that. I do not think we will be seeing hardware from ST directly for something like a door bell. However if you search on Google, you will see that there are other companies apparently working on this very issue.

The Ring doorbell can be linked to ST via IFTTT, both motion and press can trigger an action. I use virtual buttons and Rule Machine with my Ring doorbell.

I have tried a few lock managers and this one worked best for me. There are others available that may work better for your use case but this is a good start.

Euroquatics reef tank led lighting… that would be so Awesome… right now cant change across the internet only when on the local network

Add some cost effective d-link cameras as well, something HD and under $100 like the DCS-935L

Bluesound Home Audio PLEASE!

It’s similar to Sonos but supports higher bit rate music. It’s supported by your competitor Control4.


Have there been any developments re the Fibaro Smoke Sensor compatibility? - I note on the Fibaro site that they have several revisions, the latest appears to be: FGSD-002 version 3.2

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Tagging @Tyler on smoke sensors


Yes, we support the Fibaro Smoke Sensor in the UK. There is not yet a model in the US.

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Do you know there will be a US version of the fibaro smoke detector?

Not at this time. sorry.

Will there ever be official cloud support for the Chamberlain myQ bridge?


Danfoss Living Connect Thermostats


I purchased one of these and tried to connect it, but it has NOT paired as a Fibaro Smoke Sensor.
It HAS connected but as a ‘Z-Wave Device’ and the ST app. seems to think this device is a light/power switch/dimmer.
And, the only Smoke Sensor smart-app is a push 'notify me ’ app, so i tried to install this but it does not recognise any installed device as a smoke sensor.
I have tried pairing as per instructions in the ST App support note ; in Market Place > Connect, which 'found the device but did not recognise it as a Fibaro Smoke Sensor, and, I also paired it by going into MP > smoke sensor> Fibaro Smoke Sensor > Connect ; this connected but with a message “connected but the wrong type” and again it appears as a ‘Z-Wave Device’ .

The device model is as expected FGSD-002 EU, V3.1EU
I don’t kinow if its ay help but the ‘Raw Description’ as seen on my ST Web Portal is as follows:
0 0 0x0701 0 0 0 14 0x5E 0x86 0x72 0x5A 0x59 0x85 0x73 0x84 0x80 0x71 0x56 0x70 0x31 0x8E 0x22 0x9C 0x7A 0xEF 0x20 0x8B

I have raised this as a support request : request 7333. Is there anything else I should try ?

Said many of times but dumb light switches. Like the tko stuff and similar. It’s something really lacking.


Situation: I have an entry gate to my patio, which we would like to leave unlocked. I would LOVE to have a smartthings open/closed switch that could be fitted to the gate to just let me know if the gate has been opened or closed. That way I’ll know if the FedEx guy has left an Amazon package inside, or that someone has come into my patio.

The normal smartthings open/ closed multi sensor works for this – however, I live near the coast and we get dew like heavy rain in fall/ spring mornings. As a test I put an old smartthings multisensor on the gate – worked really well. However, it lasted 3-4 months before dying. Pulling the box apart showed that water had gotten inside and destroyed the circuitry (visible rust & corrosion). I tried it again with a current generation multisensor – again it worked great, but failed in less than 60 days. And that was after wrapping in plastic and duct tape in an attempt to water proof it.

So… what is needed it either an enclosure for outdoor use to waterproof the sensor, or an outdoor design with appropriate design features to increase the suitability of the sensor for outdoor use.


Thought to help you. Get a water prof outlet box and put a monprice opn/close sense in it with wires on the terminals. Run a water proof standard contact switch fr. Home Depot or wherever touching the door. You could remote mont th enclosure box wherever and everything would be waterproof

Time Warner Cable Intelligent Home In-Home Touchscreen. I know a lot of people use TWC Intelligent Home for their home security and my goal is to pair it with Smartthings so I can access everything through smartthings. My home was hard wired and they added a couple wireless devices to it, but being able to access all of it from smartthings would be excellent. I can get access to the tech side of things if necessary to make it work.

First thing under ACCESS DEVICES.

Thank you for listening.