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BBQ Propane Tank (I know Quirky makes one, but heard it is unreliable), BBQ temp probe, still looking for a simple, reliable, cheap way to detect toilet flush (Everspring moisture sensor doesn’t work well going Wet-> Dry), medication box with large compartments (right now we have a built-in solution for smaller compartments and can mount the multi-sensor on larger boxes), I had a couple other ideas I cannot think of right now…

Propane and Methane sensors in the same post… Hmmm! :wink:

I’d recommend the PEQ moisture sensor mounted to the outside of the tank with two wires running down into the tank to detect when the water goes below a certain level. They’re on sale for only $19.99 at Best Buy right now. I used a similar approach for my SmartCoffee project except I make sure there is water in the tank before the coffee maker can be turned on.

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Now you just need to automate the filling of coffee pot using the refrigerator water line !


Ecobee3 - I love it and think it would be a great addition!

@leils, ecobee3 is already supported by my custom Ecobee Device type, see this thread:


yvesracine- I’m using your custom device type and it works nicely, thanks! But can you make it support Celcius? I’m in Canada and Fahrenheit don’t mean much to me! Thanks

Hello @reward72, I’m also in Canada (Quebec) and I do use it with a Celsius scale on a day to day basis without any issues.

Contrary to the stock ST device, my custom ecobee device was designed to support both Celsius and Farenheits, from the ground up

Prior to do the My ecobee Device setup, did you change your scale for your location; either in the IDE under or using your mobile device where you can save the details for your location?

You can change the scale anytime and press the “refresh” button in the device UI…

There’s a new product Thinker by Geeklink. It’s a router with firmware openWRT, IR, RF 315/433Mhz, open source and cheap. There’s another version RemoteBox 3S, that it’s more simple, without routing. (translate with google)

The Thinker is a really interesting bridge product, did it ever get FCC approval for operation in the US?

+1 on the Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight. Thinking things like this and Roost battery might be safer options.

Plus color LED :grin:

I guess I missed that. I’ll play with it a little later and let you know. Merci Yves!

Thanks so very much!!!

All i’m picturing is a way to finally control my Hunter fans (433mhz) if smart-things can integrate with it.

SmartThings IFTTT channel gives you a lot of options as long as you’re OK with a potential 15 minute polling delay. Which might be fine for fans.

@Ben We need something like an alarm panel/control center for people that are not tech-savy, something like the wink relay but better and made by smartthings, this would make the system A LOT easier for the end user, i dont want to install a system that depends on having a technician on the house to control/program/teach the system


Thanks for asking. Here’s my 2c for device suggestions:

I’d love to see more camera options: Foscam integration would be amazing. Blink too, once it’s released. Dropcam is $$$. Along with the camera management, Dropbox or Amazon Cloud integration to save camera photos would be great, plus ability to email / push alert a camera snapshot when an event happens (e.g. when a door opens).

Add multi-Sonos integration, so several units can be controlled at once.

Lastly, some kind of door chime / door “chirp” when doors open (would likely require a new device). I tried to do this with Aeotec Siren but discovered the Siren can’t function in chirp mode - it’s an all-or-nothing siren. I’m hacking this with Sonos at the moment with a “door open” alert - but have found that the alert doesn’t always play (seems like the Sonos has to “wake up”).

I know it’s been talked about quite a bit, but official support via Amazon Echo would be awesome, hopefully not too long from now since SDK is released and is officially supporting WeMo and Hue.


Chamberlain MYQ
Honeywell Redlink/Wifi Thermostat
Rachio Sprinkler
Ring Doorbell


I would like to know that the Trane TCONT624A thermostat will connect as a SmartThing. Thanks, Rita