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Has anyone tried using a Smartenit ZigBee ZBMSKT1 Model #4035A power outlet? It seems to be the only ZigBee one that I’ve found that is “in the wall”. I want to put a few of these around to have a reliable network in place as I have a few of the SmartThings motion sensors, etc. around. Thanks!


Can I be a beta tester also?do you have the code for Flower Power device type somewhere on github?
Any prerequisites?cause there is no BT compatibility with SmartThings

One feature I have wanted is a phone call when my FirstAlert Smoke detector alarms. I signed up for IFTTT thinking the SmarTings Integration would let me do this but my Smoke Alarms do not show up in the list of available IFTTT devices when authorizing the connection. To proactively answer the question why the push alarm is not sufficient; I have the text / push tone off at night so it does not wake me up.

Seems simple to open up. Anyone else want something like this?

Everspring temperature/Humidity sensor, I tried the Aeon multi sensor but it is a bit of a battery hog and the temperature is inaccurate ( 8 degrees off on first one I got and 12 degrees or on the replacement they sent me) and this device has a display which shows temp/humidity which is handy.

I have seen some of my list mentioned alot, others not so much:

  • Camera’s, Camera’s, Camera’s ( I have dropcam pro but agree its far too costly, need better options!)

  • Voice/speaker module of some sort, voice guided actions with verbal responses ( Imagine “Jarvis” from Iron Man)

-The easily available “wink enabled” devices, ie. Leviton and Lutron switches/dimmers, and Leviton plug in lamp module, and GE Link bulbs (only Z-wave objects you can easily find/buy in stores here in Canada)

I am quadriparetic with limited hand function, so voice control is very important to me.

There are multiple voice control options that currently work with SmartThings, depending on your specific needs and whether you have android or iOS devices.

I myself use Hey Siri with IFTTT to control most of my SmartThings devices and it works quite well. Not natural language like Jarvis, but full handsfree voice operation at no extra cost. :blush: Community members using Android have other choices.

You’ll find discussion of the various options in the following topic:

Thanks for that JDRoberts,

I am thinking more along the Amazon Echo lines tho. When i’m at home my phone is usually in the bedroom on my night table at all times and wouldnt be able to help.

Something like Echo would be great. I want to be able to control my home, but also have my home become smarter (and be able to interact with me (automatic lights on/off as i get in/out Bed, display weather and open blinds slowly)

I am a big Android fan and would love to see an android powered version that could access my synced services ( calendar, music, control my nexus tv…)

Well the Echo lives in one place as well, although it can cover a slightly bigger range. (My brother got his, mine is on order.) but it doesn’t connect directly with any Home Automation systems yet.

if you want to spend extra on hardware, there are multiple options now, again all discussed in the topic I linked to. Ubi and Ivee are Echo like devices which will work with ST, although not as good at speech recognition as Echo. An inexpensive tablet may cost less than Echo. Or the new Apple Watch coming out links with an iPhone by wifi (not just bluetooth), giving you Hey Siri voice recognition throughout the house and yard.

SharpTools is a popular Android option that works now with an inexpensive android tablet.

So again, multiple handsfree voice options are available now that work with SmartThings, just depending on exactly what you’re looking for.

Really would like to see the Leviton 4-zone controller (VRCZ4-M0Z) supported. Such a needed device for the most basic needs like a large multi use room with numerous lights. Seems rather basic for such a powerful tool as SmartThings.


Dumb Wall Switch "Adapter"
I live in an apartment that doesn’t have much overhead lighting. We do have wall switches that control wall plugs around the place. I would love to be able to jam something into these plugs to use them as switches.
Better Hue Integration
My wife often goes to bed before I do. I have the lights set to come on when I enter the bedroom. It would be great if I could have them come on at a lower level instead of full brightness. Also, triggering certain scenes on different events would be fantastic as well.

The Aeon micro relays might work for this. There are two, one regular, one dimmer. Both are in the official “works with SmartThings” list. Many community members use them. They are zwave controllers designed to fit inside the existing switch box, so they turn a dumb switch into a smart one.

Sounds like you’re wanting something like CastleOS which integrates with Microsoft Kinect.

MIPOW PlayBulb

I wasn’t able to find if others have already mentioned this but I’m really, really hoping to see support for smartlocks - specifically Okidokeys. I’ve tried several and Okidokeys is by far the best in terms of fast connection and immediate response. They have many improvements in the pipeline and they have an open API. I was told that several home automation companies have asked for that API for full integration but SmartThings support wasn’t at all sure that they were one of those. This lock has improved my life a great deal and I would love to see it integrated with SmartThings. I’m hoping with Okidokeys freely giving out the API we’ll see support for it here.

I would really like support for the flux wifi LED color light bulbs. They work just like the Philips Hue but they’re cheaper and don’t require a hub.


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yeah, because priorities,

Amazon’s Dash Button:


Just saw a new device that could rival the too-expensive Hue: the Misfit Bolt. Any ideas on possible compatibility?

Misfit Bolt (the bulb, no relation to Lockitron’s Bolt, which is a lock) is bluetooth. There’s no bluetooth antenna in the SmartThings v1 hub, so no joy there. No web API for the Misfit Bolt yet either. :cold_sweat:

When it was first released they said it would be able to sync with the harmony home hub, but I haven’t seen any announcements from Harmony about that. And integration between smartthings and harmony is not working very well right now.

The SmartThings version two hub (likely out sometime this summer) will have a Bluetooth antenna, but we don’t know any of the details yet.

For now The misfit bolt Bulb looks like a stand-alone device.