Suddenly Have a New Z-Wave Remote in My Device List

Title says it all.

I noticed that today I have the following new device in my list:

I have lots of Minimotes but those are all accounted for. This is new as of this morning.

Does anyone have any clues why this may have suddenly been added to my list of devices?

EDIT: Up to this point I have been fortunate not to have suffered with any ghost or random devices on my account.

Do you have anything like a Vizia RF 2-Button switch, or perhaps their 4 button controller?

Nope, none of those John.

I did a couple of things around devices today. I am trying to reset an Iris motion sensor that is acting up and I added a virtual switch. This bogus device says it was created at 8:41am today which precedes my activity I mentioned by hours.

I guess I should contact Support.

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Yeah, good idea. Perhaps back end logs are available.

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Still waiting on Support to respond.

I’ve noticed that when trying to add a Thing I keep getting a Z-Wave Remote show up as found,. This is in addition to the one that had already been added to my list of devices.

Maybe it belongs to a neighbor and now he’s super frustrated because his brand new remote can’t be added to his system. :slight_smile: But I guess it would be a big coincidence with his remote in pairing mode just at the moment you were also trying to add something. I have had ghost devices somehow show up on my system but I just delete and remove them.

Probably where this will end up. I just wanted to see if Support could see any details. They are now looking at it.

I think it’s completely bogus. The RAW description of the one that is already included is all zeroes other than type which is 0101.

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A power cycle of the hub cleared things up (on Support’s advice).

I was hoping Support could find the reason for the phantom device showing up but it seems not. However, whatever the cause, after power cycling the hub the app no longer finds a Z-Wave Remote every time I add a new Thing (and we zapped the one already included).