Sudden problem with (2) Aeon Minimotes since yesterday

Since sometime last night, I’ve suddenly encountered problems with both of my Aeon Minimotes (both with the latest firmware and full batteries; they are from different batches from different suppliers) being used as secondary controllers with my SmartThings (v2) hub. Nothing in my setup has changed recently, and both remotes were working flawlessly less than 24 hours ago. The remotes are used to control simple switches and Philips Hue lights via SmartThings. The switches are various brands.

Tonight, suddenly button presses on both remotes don’t trigger anything as they did for the past several months. Instead, when a button is pressed, both red and blue lights flash briefly, followed by a pause of about a second and then a single flash of the red light. I discovered through trial and error that if I press and hold any button for a couple seconds and THEN press the desired button, it works as expected – but only that once. I have to repeat this each time I want to press a button.

For troubleshooting, I have tried the following:

  • Replacing the remotes via SmartThings
  • Completely removing and re-adding the remotes via ST
  • Cycling power on the ST hub
  • Repairing the Z-wave network via ST
  • Live logging via the ST API – nothing is logged unless I press/hold and then press again as described above

Aside from the remotes, everything is working as expected. I can control devices directly through SmartThings, and the Alexa integration works as usual. It’s only the Minimotes. If it was just one of them, I’d think it had gone bad; however, both developed this same issue within the past 24 hours, so it would have to be one helluva coincidence if somehow they both went bad.

I’ve tried Googling this light sequence but am coming up with nothing concrete. (The closest I came was this thread from April, but these guys seemed to be having problems from the get-go, whereas mine had been working fine for ages.) Anyone know what this light sequence means or have any suggestions for things I haven’t tried, aside from the device handler mentioned in that thread?


  1. ST knows about the issue and is working on a fix:
  2. I solved the problem, at least temporarily, by changing to the device handler from @Kyse:
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A couple of other people reported the same thing in the last week. And then in at least one case it just started working again on its own. I would let support know, it appears to be a platform issue.



@aaron @slagle @tyler there have now been at least 14 reports of this issue in the forums in the last three days, several people reporting the identical problem on multiple Minimotes. Clearly something’s going on. :dizzy_face:


Up to at least 12 reports now, several with multiple minimotes failing at once. Some people reporting that changing the device handler fixed it, but then of course it will no longer run locally.

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Yep…mine stopped working last night. 3 Aeon minimote.: (

I feel your pain. :disappointed_relieved: Make sure you notify support so they will see the issue as “trending” and can assign additional resources to it.

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Actually my above statement is not completely true. If I hold any buttons down, it runs the associated commands. If I then single press it also runs the command but all subsequent single presses do not register.Very strange behavior.

Press button 1…nothing happens
Press and hold button 1 … hold command runs fine
Press button 1 … press command runs fine
Press button 1 again…nothing

Rinse and repeat.


After posting my message above, I went ahead and changed the device handler for one of the remotes and, as others found, it again works as expected. (I actually like it better.) I’m going to leave the other remote as-is as a control (no pun intended) and see what happens. I’ll reach out to Support with this info as well. Thanks for the reply!

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I have 2 that won’t execute routines. The routines work in the app though. Each Minimote is on a different firmware. V1 hub. Everything else seems to be ok with the minimotes. Lights turn on off. Button+ let’s you control dimming and that works as well. I’ll try setting a mode when I go to bed tonight. I have been using button+ so I tried the ST sanctioned button controller with the same results, routines not working. I worked around my issues with some quick rules in smartlighting but the end result is not as visually appealing. ST is definitely messing with something. I won’t get foolish with many changes unless the problem lasts awhile.

I did email support.



I am seeing the same issue since yesterday. Both my remotes wont work.

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yeah, mine it’s working again without do anything.
two days ago, my minimote lost connection with my hub, made me remove it and re-add again. But the problem is ST can’t find my minimote whatever I do.
I do reset the minimote, repair z-wave network, and several adding method for z-wave device.
But yesterday, I repeat one sequence, just tap add new thing on the app, and then press learning or join button on minimote, just a second st found my minimote and able to make it connected and work again. Even I need to re-add to all my smartapp.

Mine are completely erratic as well. Just when things going well.

In addition, some lights on a schedule fail to fire again.

Just submitted my support ticket. In addition to my Minimote not working, I also had a very simple Rule Machine rule break that runs my goodnight routine when a virtual switch is turned on.

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Well I am 99% reliable here. Dont know what some of yalls problem is.

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I had all 4 of mine start this tonight.
Change your device type to this one and they should work just fine.
Something seems to have happened to the stock DTH.

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Same here. All 4 Minimotes that are using the stock DH are not working. I’ve noticed this only a couple of hours ago.
I’ve changed 1 minimote DH to the “Improved UI Aeon Minimote” and it’s working now. WTH.

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Not sure if it’s related, but I’ve been using a virtual switch with Switchmania (smartapp) to switch to night mode, and it’s been flawless up until last night when it just didn’t work at all.

Lost both if mine last night as well. Neither of them register any button presses. Also noticed that CoRE is no longer running my st routines. I have a few pistons that do a bunch of stuff as well as run a routine. It does everything else but run the routine. Seems like old problems creeping up again.

Please share the device handler you switched to.
***Edit - NVM read further down and found the handler…trying to research this and update my device handler in IDE on my phone is painful :slight_smile:

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One of mine is also mis-behaving, same symptom, stock DTH, FWIW.

Prefer stock DTH to use local processing w/smart lighting, so not changing it at this time…

Submitted ticket to support.

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