Sudden Poor reliability

The update for the ST hub (not 100% sure thats the cause but the timing is right.) has made my install totally useless gone down from 95%+ reliability to 50% if that.

all my rules are either not firing at all or are firing very very late more than a couple of minutes after they should. today the hub also was failing to send any commands to devices at all, i had to reboot.

Same…when I first got this, all the rules were firing great. Let’s get this update done and fix the basics. I think we need to be getting some credit back for all these malfunctions.

Credit? For what? Your 25/mo payment to them? or the 99$ device you bought, that was a one-time payment, and doesn’t sustain them.

If this was creston, and had these issues, I get it, you would want something back (which I hear they wont give you anyways)

When you pay for a product, it needs to work. These issues they’ve been having are network based, not device based. Hence the comment.

Microsoft and all other computer companies release an os and then spend the next year updating it fixing the problems. Why do people expect this to be any different? Or expect some form of credit back. It is a computer system inherently they have issues! Would you return a laptop because windows wasn’t working properly ir you had to reboot when it crashes? I think not. Otherwise over the past 20 years the computer industry would legaly lave been made to change their practices.

The guys are sat in an office doing updates getting the system to run smoother. If you have an issue raise a ticket and speak to tech support and see if they can sort you out. All computer systems have issues. I dont see how this system is any different. Sometimes you have to turn on a light at a switch because it hasnt fired. That is a real chore.

Kim. Over Three years it’s being developed. My point is it’s not being improved in fact it has gotten worse. I have tickets open with no feedback yet.

If only it was as simple as turning on a light switch that was the problem, also turning things off is a problem. As well as temp triggers that trigger heaters to prevent frost protection. If these things are not firing as they haven’t they have the potential to cause damage.

What is the point of HA if you have to check things manually. I can’t leave my house and rely on ST to switch things off and lock doors, then what is the point if I have to check. People seem to not be bothered about actions going missing. If it’s just lights then fine, but what if you don’t have physical switches. Mine have been replaced by tablets.

If it was as reliable as it was before the update then that was ok but with some gripes, but with a less than 50% success rate since the update. And I am left unable to do a z-wave repair. Then in my mind is unacceptable.

I really do want to pay a fee to have accountability, but this just isn’t working. It feels like the stole servers from the EU to upgrade the US servers…there is a love in the US at the moment

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ok second time in two days, i now have 95% failure of actions, the hub will not actuate anything, the logs show the triggers are happening but all zigbee and Philips Hue and Cloud to cloud stuff has died.

I reboot the hub and all works ok, i am not rebooting yet as i cant have this every day, i am still trying to find the cause in the logs

I’m the same. Nothing seems to be working anymore and I am on a V1 hub that has not been upgraded.
What is going on.

Not sure what’s going on, but firing the hub firmware update and the server upgrade my entire system had gone from about 95% functionality to absolute zero.

I woke up yesterday and before I did anything I rebooted my hub, my router, my ap, and I powered on/off the power to all of my zigbee bulbs.

I’m at 100% functionality now.

Oh yeah, I went through all of my apps and tapped on done to refresh any scheduling on the servers.

I’m good here and I’m up to 74 devices.

But I am in the US. Not sure if that matters.

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